PCA event

Thunderhill Raceway

March 23 – 25, 2012

This past weekend will have many memories and stories……weather (like tons of rain….almost cold enough to snow, did we say RAIN….it rained and rained and rained….but those who persevered were rewarded with a dry track for the final timed events ), car setup changes, outstanding results (much more on this), great group of customers and variety of cars, a hoot of a time together w our group and the PCA crowd.  But, lets focus on the MAIN thing….the results.  Not from us, but from our customers.

We were there from Friday (testing) thru Saturday & Sunday….and in every session, each of our group pushed themselves to reach new heights and new goals and new personal bests.  That would be one thing….just to have the group reach new personal bests.  But they went WAY beyond that. Not just one single person, but the entire group.  And, to do this with the downpour of rain, that was both a reward and a great learning session….some of what they learned was equivalent to spending a complete day on the most high speed skidpad you could find or pay for…..and they did it and slipped and slid their cars all over the course, but didn’t put a foot wrong.  Many, many others went flying off the course….all you had to do was not see a puddle that had developed (or the lakes as well), and you would hook a wheel and go spinning off the course. We saw many cars lose it at over 90mph, and go investigate the outer reaches of the back forty as they literally bounded over the green fields and splashed thru puddles and small lakes that had formed, and had to be retrieved by long cable extension.

But, the main thing, the main thing was the results (certainly for one of our customers, and his results are noted below) –

Personal best – YEP

Best in their class – YEP  (not just of our group, but the whole PCA crowd)

Fastest street class car at the event – YEP

OK…but how about the BEST time of the day, for ALL participants.  Top Time OF THE DAY.  Better than all other race cars even, better than all other comers, almost a new track record for the class as well.  FLAT OUT AWESOME  (customer is Geoff Stahl….a stunning, crafty, talented, analytical, goal oriented master of a driver).  We see in most people the opportunity to grow and develop….but Geoff has only been doing this with us for about 1 year……1 YEAR.   He stunned the complete crowd, humbled some who thought they had the event, who were reaching for the trophy….but, careful when you challenge Geoff….he took control and flung down a time that was just stunning.

I will add to this whole even write up to go thru the interesting details of how the event transpired, and all the little changes we made to the cars to adapt to the conditions, and the changes we required of the drivers to push them to a new level.

Ask one of our other customers (David) about the wild ride of changes to his car….or as he says, the car works a lot better when all the wheels are pointed in the right direction.  Every session, another change to his car……that would unsettle most drivers, many would have packed up and said enough…but David pushed on, and with each session his times dropped….and dropped, and dropped, to produce new personal bests for him as well.


JUST AWESOME…..such fun, such great people…..you can’t beat this.

And…did we say WET, or RAIN….thank goodness we had our Big Trailer and canopy…that made staying out of the rain tolerable….but it rained, and rained, and rained…


BRracing customers participating at this event – (by far the largest group there)

Armando L – Porsche 996 Race Car  (PCA Club Racer)

Lamar P – Porsche Cayman S (ran in the pouring rain w Nitto NT01’s….brave, brave man)

Benjamin C – Porsche Boxster Spyder (ran the new Pirelli Trefeo for rain tires)

David O – Porsche 997.2 GT3 (Time Trial podium winner, 2nd in Class)

Geoff S – Porsche 997.2 GT3 (Class winner, overall Top Time of the Day winner)

Niraj S – Porsche Cayman S (one of the fastest times in the pouring rain)

Eugene C – Porsche 996 Turbo

Rees M – Porsche 997 Carrera 4S

Ken M – Porsche 997.2 GT3