The new BMW cars being released are being called some of the best designed cars from BMW in over a decade.  Many are receiving awards, and even the BMW 1M recently received the “Car of the Year” award.  So, the question for aftermarket parts designers, is how do you make the great car even better?

We have seen the design results from Vorsteiner for years now, and almost all their products truly enhance the overall look and feel, and even the function of the car.  With the new BMW F10 5 Series, this was a tall demand.  But the new products from Vorsteiner sure do make a great car even better.

Here are the details on the new products.  They are available now, and can even be ordered from our website (BRR online store).

Check these out –

VMS Front Spoiler
The newly designed VMS front spoiler has been specifically designed to fit F10 5 series vehicles with the optional M Tech package. The front spoiler not only creates a purposeful and functional balance to the front end but is also unmistakably beautiful and precise.

VMS Rear Spoiler
The VMS rear add on carbon deck lid spoiler balances the additional down force created from the new front end and also elegantly extends the tail of the factory boot lid to distinguish the vehicle from other standard production cars. The VMS rear deck lid spoiler is compatible with all standard F10 5 series with our signature pre-preg autoclave construction and automotive clear lacquer finishing.

Rear Diffuser
The VMS high temperature resistant carbon pre-preg rear diffuser replaces the factory plastic unit and precisely clips into all the original rear bumper mounting point with ease. The design of this rear diffuser draws roots from our GTS-V track line with its signature upper splitter elements with it sporty centrally located aero fins that frames our new quad sports exhaust system.

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