BRracing, a leader in total car performance solutions, now has available the new Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber front hood for the BMW 1 series.  Available in both single sided and double sided CF versions, the latest product from Vorsteiner offers full venting, both along the sides to extract the heat from the engine bay, as well as right along the front, where the added flow of air from behind the front radiator helps in the cooling of the radiator and the front mounted Intercooler, which has been one of the key areas of concern as engine performance enhancements are tweaked on the 1 series (total of 3 vent areas, two along each side of the hood, and the one main vent from right behind the radiator area).

The fitment is absolutely OEM class, including even the little clips for the front windshield wiper hosing and the hood shocks, mounting points, and the alignment along the side rails is spot on.  As part of the solution from BRracing, you can even get your hood painted to match the color of your car, and we can do the vents with color or leave them as CF clear coated, as we have done on our other Vorsteiner solutions.  Let us know, and we can make the solution to match your desires. 

BRracing and some of our customers are already in line to install this amazing new hood as we continue to stretch the development curve and performance limits of the BMW 1 – series.  Come see us today, or give us a call to order one for your BMW today.

Vorsteiner e82 CFhood 3