ALTA products, the ones that we favor so, now carry a new warranty.

ALTA SC pulley

This has been one of the issues in the aftermarket products industry, the vendor may make a great product, but will it last?   What happens if it doesn’t?  There have been too many stories of buyer remorse when the product either doesn’t live up to the initial claims, or wears out prematurely.  Now, ALTA, who has made some great products for the MINI car line, has stepped up and greatly enhanced their warranty on their products.  They have revised some product designs with some new enhancements to ensure that they can stand behind their warranty claims.

Alta R56 intercooler

ALL ALTA products will now have a 5 year limited warranty.

And, ALTA cat-back exhaust products will now carry a Limited Lifetime warranty.   Woo Hoo.

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