OK, we’ve been looking, listening, trying, and waiting….for the right type of exhaust solution for the new BMW 135i BRracing project car.  We know lots have been in development, and many released. But, we have not been happy w the sound, the quality, the fit….but mostly the sound.  The major exhaust players came to market quick, but they didn’t do much for us.  Even BMW Performance weighed in, with their own upgraded exhaust solution.  

But, now we think we have found one.  For those of you that know us, you know that our racing blood runs deep…and that we like exhausts that truly amplify the character of the car.  The new Meisterschaft exhaust is just that.  There are several options and combinations…going from very mild to very wild.  The quality, fit, finish, and most importantly, sound, are right where we think customers want them to be.

The exhaust comes in these versions for the rear section – 

– Touring Sport Performance

– Touring High Performance

– GT Race Performance

Then, you also have the option of replacing the mid section 1 with the Meisterschaft performance resonator solution, and you have a complete exhaust solution for the 135i.  You can further customize your solution by selecting Stainless Steel, or go the whole way w Titanium (an amazing weight savings, and truly unique look…we had this solution before on one of our E46 M3’s.

Take a look at the pics…and this will be on our 135i after October 4, 2008.  So, come by and listen if you want to hear what a real racing exhaust (yes, we went for the full racer version) sounds like.  Let us know if you have any questions, or if we can put a program together for you (BRracing is a direct dealer for Meisterschaft).