With the recent growth in the BMW product line, and some recent new rumored entries or creations from the BMW M division, customers are wanting to know what the real plans are.  The M divisions used to stand unique in the high performance car segment…but, recently, there have entries along these lines from Audi (S, RS models), Mercedes (the explosion of the AMG line, including the amazing “black” series (see BRracings gallery for examples of this fine car), the new Nissan GTR, MINI w the JCW, and more.  

The new BMW E90 / E92 M3 has won raves…bringing the combination of both the true performance roots first seen w the E30 M3, and yet, making a car that is truly still at home on the daily drive.

The pressure on BMW has been mounting, and sales of these other cars have exploded, so BMW has decided to tell it’s story, and here it is….check out what the plans are for BMW’s M division.