Like so many of our “projects”, we have customers who are trying to find the combination of street performance, but race characteristics.  These often have hard trade-offs, some which the family and law enforcement don’t always agree with.

Exhausts are a classic example of this.

We all love the classic BMW race motor sound, it’s flat out amazing, exhilirating, exotic…but, can’t necessarily live with this for every day driving.  So, how to solve this?

Well…Rogue Engr may have just what you’re looking for if this is your issue.  They have come up w a Section 2 exhaust solution that has an “electronic valve control” (EVC).  This EVC controls a valve that opens the exhaust pipe just before it enters the rear exhaust, and opens to a “dump” pipe, or a complete open exhaust pipe.  So, when you need just the nice sound of your rear exhaust, you have the valve “closed”.  When you want the pure race, open exhaust, mean as a a son of a gun, I take no prisoners sound, you just open the valve.  The electronic switch can be placed whereever you want, but for many of our customers, we have been installing the switch inside the ashtray area in the center console…so, when the ashtray cover is closed, no one even knows its there.  When you want it, pop it open, flip the switch, and viola….you have a racing machine.

We (BRR) have been doing these regularly for our customers, almost one a week.  We can do the exhaust, custom wiring, and full installation.  Contact us if you are interested….we will have a video section up shortly where you can listen for yourself.

Here is a full picture of the Rogue Engr E46 M3 X-pipe w the EVC


Here is a picture of the system being installed on one of our customers cars –