We’ve been selling tons of Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber pieces lately, and Vorsteiner has been expanding its product line.  The newest addition to this line is the CF front hood w venting…an amazing looking solution.  The hood is available in both single sided and double sided.  As part of the total solution from BRracing, we can also do the custom painting of the hood to match the car, including the leaving of the vents in CF w clear coating.  

Benefits…amazing looks, takes some weight out of the front of the car as well, improving the weight balance of the Audi.  Make your Audi truly unique, and stand out from the crowd…not just from other Audi’s, but all cars out there.  Contact us today for amazing pricing, and a complete total solution….BRracing, your one stop shop for all your car needs (hood, custom painting, installation and alignement), and prices that can’t be beat, from anyone, anywhere.