The new BMW M3 is such a great car.  The motor is amazing.  But, w the stock exhaust, you can’t really hear that great motor work.  We have seen and done two different approaches to mend this issue….installing an aftermarket rear section 3 exhaust, w the great quad exhaust outlets, or, retained the existing OEM rear section 3, but customize the section 1 exhaust.  

We have had lots of cars in the E46 M3 genre install the aftermarket section 1 to both improve the exhaust sound, and get rid of the dreaded “drone”.  But, they often lost some of the nice features of the OEM design w the crossover pipe.

We took that same knowledge, and put it to good use on the implementation for the E90/E92 M3……and cut out a lot of the cost.  There are some new center section exhaust options out there, but they are not cheap, and they don’t leverage the great features of the existing OEM design, especially some of the nice oval tubing.

Instead…we use the existing OEM section, and simply cut out the resonators or secondary cats, whichever the customer wants, and install S304 SS tubing, shaped to the oval elements to match the OEM design, and TIG weld to ensure tidyness and quality.  

You get the great sound, the performance enhancements, and can do it for nearly half the costs of other solutions on the market today.  Check it out….and the customers have loved the sound –