We had posted in our “news” section before that we can get, sell, and install the full line of BMW Performance parts…but, we wanted to show you the fun you can have with some of these new toys.  This one is just plain fun….you find yourself playing w the menus, setting the lap timer to try “0 to 60’s” runs, using it for track days to see how you are doing, playing w the buttons on the alcantara grips….oh, so much fun.

The install is well documented by BMW…but, there are some interesting points.  The electrical connections are not just like they say….and there isn’t the OBDII connections to attach to.  But, other than that, it’s not too bad…just takes time.

Here is the std E90/E92 steering wheel removed – nice CF interior too..

Here is the new BMW perf wheel prior to installation –

Take a look at the nicely integrated buttons at the 10 and 2 oclock positions on the wheel –  some have also wondered about the “wearing” ability of the alcantara…and we can attest that it doesn’t get “dirty”, and stays good over the long haul (we had the alcantara wheel on our current MINI R53…now for over 2 years, and w many track days and aggressive driving)

This is the fun part….we set the gauges on the steering wheel to a low threshold…and look how it lights up to both tell you in the center display, and the RPM lights on the perimeter, and you can see the std gauge panel in front w the actual RPMs as well….it’s just TOO COOL…

Here is the wheel as seen from the outside….the M3 is a great car, but this wheel is just boat loads of fun, each drive is an adventure.

We can get the wheel at great prices…and the install doesn’t take long…see us if you would like…this will fit the E90/E92 and E82 cars….look for one soon on our Project BMW 135i.