This project had a real simple set of objectives. The customer wanted a go FAST, stop FAST, be MEAN, sound LOUD, beast of a BMW E93 M3. Fairly simple, straightforward. Check all the normal performance boxes – engine upgrades, exhaust, suspension, brakes, software and programming. A few body enhancements that are consistent w mean and fast M3 vert.

The rules and playbook for BMW Mx engine performance upgrades are well known. Add boost via a front mounted supercharger kit. Brakes are the same, add a big brake kit. Exhaust…when budget is not the rule of the day, and you simply want the best sound around, you pick the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust. To get the car the look and handling we wanted, even though the car had EDC (electronic dampening control), we choose a proven set of coil-overs and an EDC delete kit. That’s it….but the results are wonderful. Start this car up…and the mean sound is there. Press the go-fast pedal, and the car leaps to your request. Press the stop pedal, and the tears will be ripped from your eyes. Fling it thru a corner, and the car hangs on with great grip and rips thru the turn. Even when normal freeway bumps and cut strips are the rule of the day, the car soaks them up and begs for a long stretch of open road. Bring on the Targa Trophy or GK Rally.



  • VF Supercharger kit


  • Stoptech BBK (F – 380x32mm 2 piece rotor, R- 355×32 2 piece rotor)
  • Front – 6 piston calipers, yellow
  • Rear – 4 piston calipers, yellow


  • Akrapovic center section
  • Akrapovic Titanium rear section w CF Tips


  • Bilstein PSS10 coil-overs
  • EAS EDC delete kit


  • Klassen Forged wheels (F 9″ x 19″, R 10.5″ x 19″), Black
  • Michelin SuperSport 255/35/19
  • Michelin SuperSport 295/30/19




As mentioned at the start, when it comes to BMW M engines, both due to their fine design and space limitations, the easiest approach to a signifiicant leap in power is to implement a Supercharger system. There are quite a few proven systems on the market. We choose to go w the VF Engineering VF540 kit (540HP, 370 ft lbs of torque, 4.0 – 4.5 psi boost level, V3-SQ supercharger, VF cast manifold, VF software upgrade). The kit is very complete, straight forward in the install, and works just like you would hope. We had no issues with the installation or the kit. We now have several thousand miles on the car as well after the install, and still running without any issues. As long as your wallet can afford the replacement rubber, you just want to bury your foot to the floor…..but hold on, its quite a rush.


The basic principle when choosing an exhaust is always the same. What sound do you want? What is your budget? If budget is not a constraint (and it was not for this project), then the choice is somewhat easier, as that opens up the titanium exhaust options. Lighter, great crafstmanship, outstanding quality, and intoxicating sound. Combine this w the extra power on tap, and you want to drive this car all the time just to hear the sound. We did both the mid section (section 2) and the rear (section 3) w the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust. To cap it off, we used the amazing CF tip set they offer.

Titanium mid-section with cross-over tubes.


There are a couple of options normally when looking for brake upgrades. You can do the upgrade kit (rotors, pads, lines), or you can go w the Big Brake Kit (BBK). In this case, the extra power on tap and speed potential, combined with the fact that the stock BMW M3 brakes are quite adequate for heavy or aggressive street abuse, meant that the only real option was to go w the BBK. That also would allow us to add the color accent, since the new wheels opened up the face and exposed the insides so well. We have tested both Brembo and StopTech BBKs, and for street use, both are a great choice, but we went w the StopTech kit. New YELLOW 6 piston calipers up front, and YELLOW 4 piston calipers in the rear. Standard 2 piece slotted rotors for both ends, connected w new stainless steel lines. Pad we stayed w the street/performance pad set. If you go any more aggressive in bite (anybody’s, Endless, Hawk, PFC, etc), you will eventually get squeal or noise from the pads on the street. The new setup looks good, can take lots of aggressive stopping abuse, easy to maintain, and pulls the eye balls out of your sockets when you demand that you stop NOW.


This is a little harder choice than it normally appears. We have done lots of BMW E9x M3’s, but for most daily drivers, we have found the logical choice to just replace the stock springs w an aftermarket sport spring set. That allows the customer to retain the electronic dampening control (EDC) and the integration w the OEM software.? We tried that here, but the look was not to our suiting, and, when pushed hard w the new power, the suspension didn’t have the range to keep up.? Therefore, out w the sport springs, and in with a set of adjustable coil-overs. There are many choices here, but we tend to side w the Bilstein setups.? We have had issues w other kits, but we have never had issues w any of the Bilstein PSS9/PSS10 kits.? For this car, we had the option of the newer PSS10 w dual adjustment, and the larger adjustment knobs, making tuning the setting to your choice, or changing the setting when you want to go from “street/compliant” to “aggressive/firm/track”.

Bilstein PSS10 kit for the E93 M3.? Front true coil-overs, rear shocks w rear springs that have adjustable spring perches to adjust the ride height.? We lowered the car to the same height as the sport springs, about 1″ lower than stock.

With the install of coil-overs, you need to do something w the EDC function.? You can either “code it out” of the software, or you can plug in an EDC emulator.? We did the later, using the EAS EDC emulator.? On an E93 M3, getting to the EDC module is a pain, it is located behind the rear seat panel under the convertible top.? Once you get access, the module is a “plug and play” element.? With the module plugged in, the customer won’t get EDC errors on the main nav screen or their I-drive display.

Results….objective achieved.? You just want to get in this car and go….and go it does.

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