Press release from Continental / ATE regarding a decision by the DOT on the ability to sell ATE Super Blue in the United States –

August 15, 2013

Effective immediately, Continental will be discontinuing the distribution of the ATE Super Blue Racing DOT 4 brake fluid in the United States because it has been determined that the brake fluid does not comply with the applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for brake fluid. The federal standard requires motor vehicles brake fluid to be colorless or amber in color.

The purpose of this safety recall notice is to advise you of this determination and to request that you immediately stop any further sales of this product.? It is a violation of federal law for you or any other distributor or retailer to continue to sell this brake fluid after the receipt of this notice.

BRR – the press release has more details for retailers on how to handle current stock or inventory.

BRR has used ATE Super Blue in BMWs and MINIs for years (but not for Porsche or Audi or VW).? We will no longer offer ATE Super Blue, but we will continue to sell ATE Super Gold (essentially the same product, but amber in color).