Amazed at the variety of projects always in motion thru the shop – here are some samples of work this week

BMW – complete cooling system replacement

MINI – ps hose and pump issues (gotta watch that elec ps pump)

BMW E46 M3 – complete top end rebuild – head, head gaskets, cams, dual VANOS, timing…..this just requires a ton of unique tools unlike the traditional M50/M52/S52/N54 motors

BMW E60 M5 – new RPI rear exhaust…great sounding kit, great price

Audi R8….yep, that’s right, a full R8…doing a Audi OEM CF upgrade kit to the car…..amazing stuff, pics will be posted at the end of the week….absolutely stunning

BMW X5 brake upgrade

Audi A4 coilover installation

Plus…just like every week, bunch of normal service projects…..we can do whatever you need.