We have been amazed at the amount of traction and interest by our customers, and the joy they have gotten from participating in the Hooked On Driving events.   As a result, we will be doing these on almost a monthly basis.  The first one for this year is at one of the great tracks….Laguna Seca.  We will be there as instructors again, helping all who are interested.

We hope to have some more developments on our project BMW 135i car, which continues to impress w its speed and composure.


UPDATE – after the event

We had near perfect weather for the day…who would have expected that w all the rain we have been getting.  It rained the day before, and it started raining as the day came to a close, but we had dry weather all day.  We had several of our customers there again, from MINI customers to BMW M3’s.  We had the BMW 135i project car there for instructor rides and demo rides…and we did a ton of demo rides.  Sam Huang was there w his E46 M3…and continously improved all thru the day, and by the end of the day, he was able to get signed off to drive solo for future events…..way to go Sam (car sounded great on the front straight as well).

Look for the next event, in March, at Thunderhill.  Woo Hoo…..

Here are the details on the event, and the link to Hook On Driving’s site if you would like to register.  Please drop us a line if you are signing up…we will have an area together.


 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Thursday, February 12 2009

’09 Valentine Drive at Laguna – Solo Driver Registration


Come join in the fun! This is the one-driver registration for our Valentine’s event. Obviously, we can’t all convince our wives, sisters, neighbor’s wives, Moms or daughters (or the guy equivalent if you’re a gal!) to drive on the track with us – so this registration is for the drivers who would like to be more traditional and just join up for the day and drive….. you ARE welcome at this event!! Please note: there is a 92 db sound limit at this event.


 Registration Fee: $345.00


L- Ladies Beginners – AVAILABLE

A – Beginner Men – AVAILABLE

B – Intermediate – AVAILABLE

C – Advanced – AVAILABLE

X – Coaches Only – AVAILABLE 



Here is the link –