BRracing has now become a direct dealer for the full line of Motul Race Products.   Motul race products are different from the standard line of Motul products which we have always carried.   The reason we have added the Motul line is they have made some significant new developments in a couple of their product lines, and this has had a direct benefit to performance cars.


These are the new products that we will carry, and that seem to have a specific new value for consideration –


Motul 300V – this is a 100% synthetic motor oil, and one of the first to be dual ester based.  Rather than add other additives to deal w the viscosity demands of other synthetics, they have developed this oil from a dual synthetic base.  The result is an oil, when subjected to the high temperature demands of performance motors (like our BMW E82 135i turbo car), that actually holds up better, less shear and more pressure stability, AND reduces the overall oil temperature of the motor.  In recent tests by other shops, they saw motor oil temps drop by 15 degrees F….that is huge.  You can see many of the leading race teams (like Turner in their BMW cars) run this oil.  The price point for this oil is great as well, for a dual ester based synthetic oil.  List price =  $39.95 for 2 liters.  BRracing price = $29.99 for 2 liters.

motul RBF660

Motul RBF660 – we have long sung the praise of the Motul RBF600 synthetic brake fluid, but this new one raises the bar one more, while not greatly increasing the price.  Motul even fills their bottles with nitrogen, so as to not introduce any water vapor from normal air so that the fluid does not get contaminated while sitting on the shelf waiting to be used by you.  The new brake fluid has a dry boiling point of 617 degrees F, up from the standard RBF600 of 594 degrees F.  As we have seen with the other high grade synthetic, not only does the brake fluid reduce fade, but the higher boiling point lengthens the intervals for brake bleeding.  List price = $30.99, BRracing price = $24.99


Motul MoCool – for racing applications, we are NOT allowed to run any type of traditional antifreeze in our cooling system.  In addition, we often have searched for products or water additives that will change the boiling point of the water, AND will increase the thermal transfer rate of the fluid.  This benefits the engine in two ways….it grabs or absorbs more heat as it passes over the cylinder walls or the turbo housing, and discharges it faster when run through the radiator.  Win – Win.  Now, Motul has a product that claims that it can reduce the engine temperature by as much as 30 degrees F.  This additive can be added to any cooling system, not just used in race cooling systems.  List price = $15.99, BRracing price = $13.99