This past month represents BRracings 4th year in business.   We started in Feb 2007, out of our garage on a Saturday when we did some suspension work for our first customer, and ever since, have never looked back.  Never really dreamed that our customers, almost all by word of mouth, would carry us this far this fast.

Started like this when we first moved into our shop (after starting in our garage for 4 months), 2 bays, no full time employees, open on Saturday ONLY…..


We have grown 100% per year, almost exactly, every year.  Most businesses are lucky enough to have one year, maybe two years, of 100% growth, but to have four (4) straight years, including this past year of 2010, is unheard of for a small business, especially in a DOWN economy.   We have all our customers to thank for that.

In 2007, we serviced or did work on about 198 customers.  In 2010, we serviced or did work on more than 1,600 customers…  Think about that….that means we serviced on average about 130 cars a month, or about 32 cars a week.  That’s booking it with the capacity we have, plus add in the Motorsports activities, and we have indeed been busy.

We now have 10 employees, are open full time during the week (8am to 6pm), and have 6 service bays.   In 2010, we also added our 2nd location (see below when we first opened the location), for our Motorsports side of the business, where we store cars for customers….that facility is now also full, and we look to expand that again in 2011.


Not only have we grown our customer base, but our revenues have grown 100% per year for each of the four years.  And, in 2011, we are already on track in Q1 to do more than 100% more than we did in 2010.  One of the keys to our business growth has been the investment in tools, and our team.  For tools, we have selected only the best.  Best diagnostic systems for each car line, best wheel mounter on the planet, best tire balancer (only found in a couple of shops in the South Bay), best laser alignment system, wireless scales for racing and corner balancing, each workstation has its own computer and online tools, all the specialty installation and service tools, and we will keep on investing to be the very best there is.

BRR align rear

BRR shop Corgi 1 sm

But, like in any organization, it is the people, and we have had the best team, and continue to invest in them as well, with team members crewing on the GMG American Le Mans team in 2010 and again in 2011, on the Porsche Patron Cup series, so that we can learn from the very best.



But, we’re not stopping there…..besides the additions of the cusotmers’ Porsche Cup Car to the Motorsports division of BRR, we will soon be launching our ONLINE e-Commerce business (will be part of the site).


We have been expanding our coverage and direct relationships with suppliers, so that we can offer the best service, best support, and best prices on all the necessary products for the car lines we support (BMW, MINI, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, GTR, and selected other exotics).  Look for the major release of our next business division.

BRracing – service, performance, motorsports…your one stop solution center