To further the “one stop shop” capability of BRracings Los Gatos shop location, and to provide solutions that no other shop is able to deliver in the South Bay, BRracing has recently acquired a brand new 4 post “ZERO clearance” rack and laser alignment system from Snap-On and has been installed in one of our 6 service bays at it’s Los Gatos location.

The new 4 post rig provides an extreme level of sophistication and flexibility, and is designed to work with even the toughest requirements a car might have.  And we have seen the opposite of this….we have had some very specialized customers recently try to get their cars aligned, and corner-weighted at any other location in the South Bay, only to not have this be possible.

With the special design of this 4 post rig, we can service cars that truly have “zero underbody clearance”, and also those with long front overhangs.  Once on our rack, not only can we do the full services, but we have installed special zero clearance integrated jacks, to allow us to fully service all cars, even those like one of our customers Mercedes McLaren SLR with full underbody carbon-fiber frame, that requires a very specific lift capabilities to be serviced.  The installation we have done provides all the ease of a built-in scissor lift for getting cars on the rack, but also allows for full access and service from underneath when the car is up in the air, unlike the limitations of the normal scissor lift alignment rack.

Now, we can provide –

– Full four wheel laser Alignment

– Touchless alignment hangers (there are no teeth or hold on the wheels, ensuring that customers expensive wheels are never scratched from the attachment of the alignment equipment)

– Tire circumference alignment validation and adjustment (if any tire has worn less or more, the alignment software can adjust for this)

– Frame alignment verification and adjustment (the alignment on most systems can be done, but does it identify if your frame is perfectly straight, and allow for adjustments to address this….our new system does)

– Full four wheel corner weighting and adjustment, on the rack, without having to take the car off the rack to do the suspension adjustment and run out…we can now do this all at once, significantly reducing the time for complex adjustments

– Full four wheel corner weighting with driver weight adjustment, and we can store all alignment settings for each customer car, and even a specific track setup, for future recall and validation

– We can even do full alignments w the wheels OFF, to allow us to instantly see the changes and adjustments while we access suspension adjustment points

– Vechicle specific alignment software detailing all suspension components and adjustment points, front and rear

All this, and still at a price that can’t be beat by anyone, anywhere.

BRracing….your leader in service, support, and solutions, and providing a true “one stop” shop.

All BRracing alignments come with the standard 1 year guarantee as well….don’t miss out, visit BRracing today.

SnapOn 4post lift

SnapOn v3d2 alignment sys

BRR align rear

The “TOUCHLESS” element of the camera’s mounted on the beautiful wheels of a customers Porsche –

BRR align touchless left rear

Some more pics.  After having used the system now for the last 6 weeks, we can say that it delivers all that we hoped.  We have been able to do Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, Audi’s, an Audi R8, a Porsche Carrera Cup car, another race car, a long list.  The information from the software has been amazing in the details that it provides, and the level of detail.

Plus, we have added some other neat little tools (steering wheel level and stablizer), and have not had a single car go out without perfect centering of the wheel when doing the test drives (the zero tolerance toe plates, and the other tools have ensured there is no “binding” in the suspension when we go to set the alignment.