Ok, so many of you have been following our build and project car in the photo section of the 1Addicts forum (BRracing 135i, not your normal dd)
Still more to do….always more to do….so much that you can do with the 135i.
As everyone knows, and as we have chronicled in our own exploits, that one of the soft spots on this car is the OEM brakes. While they look massive, and they certainly should have been a massive step up in terms of performance from what BMW has normally installed from the factory on most of their cars, they just don’t live up to the appearance.
As many others have tried as well in a remedy or possible fix, we have tried all the different fluids (even the more insane new stuff from Castrol, syn racing brake fluid at $115 a bottle), we have tried all the different pad compounds and suppliers (Pagid, PFC, Hawk), but while some of those steps definitely improve the bite….when pressed hard in service, they just can’t last.
You have seen some creative steps recently in the 1Addicts forum to add cooling to the brakes…as heat is the enemy here, and cooling DOES have a huge impact, but we still need them to be impervious to the abuse we will dish out on the track, and also work for daily driving. We want the perfect kit.

You can see the kind of results (BAD) you get when you over heat the brakes (and yes, we have even heated them to such an extent that the inner pistons crack, which required the complete replacement of the whole caliper, and if you think they’re cheap….you’re wrong….you might as well spend the money on a proper kit rather than replacing them again w OEM). And hence, the work we have been doing, and the OFFER on this new kit.

BRR 135i OEM fr brk sm

There are many, many other posts in this forum about the brakes and the issues there, but we want a solution.
So, again, in our close working relationship w the brake suppliers, and our recent testing w Stoptech has demonstrated to us, we have worked w them to come up w the FIRST set of front ST60 system for the BMW 135i. Here is a picture of the kit. This is the ST set, not the STR (ST race) system, as we believe this is sufficient for the 135i, and what most customers will be interested in.
Here is the new kit –

BRR 135i Stoptech ST60 kit sm

We have worked, and will continue to work with them, on the sizing of the pistons and orientation, as you may or may not know, Stoptech doesn’t just take an existing brake caliper, and create a mounting kit for the car, and produce a kit….this is a custom designed kit specific to the 135i, and it’s not even the same kit as exists today for the 335i (and if you want a great price for the Stoptech kit for the 335i or any other car, give us a call on that as well, or PM us).
Here is a picture of the kit. This is the ST set, not the STR (ST race) system, as we believe this is sufficient and the right kit for the 135i, and what most customers will be interested in.
Here is the new kit installed on our 135i ready for testing this past weekend (tested on November 14, 2009)-

BRR 135i ST60 fr on sm

Happy to go into the details of the ST60 kit, but we can tell you from direct testing experience on our other project cars and from testing this past weekend, that these kits work amazingly well, and at a price point that can’t be beat. We have seen the longevity of the rotors under extreme abuse, and we love that we can get the STRONGEST caliper, but one that has a HUGE range of pad selections already available for it. This is not like when the new 135i calipers came out, and we had to wait forever to get aftermarket pads available, there are TONS of pads available NOW for this new kit.
– strongest caliper, great pedal feel and modulation
– great pad selection
– outstanding heat dissipation and tolerance
– GREAT price point

We have TEN sets of these new front kits to sell at a special PROMO and introductory price….this is WAY below what other kits go for, and a heck of a deal. We have one customer who has already taken a set , and we haven’t even let anyone know or published the promo, but he came by the shop, saw the kit on yesterday, and we talked about the price…and whoosh….one kit walked away.
PM us if you are interested in the kit and the price….but don’t wait too long, this is just NINE kits left now (Stoptech ST60 6 piston caliper, 355mm two piece rotor, mounting kit, ss lines)

Give us a call (408-356-1515) or message us…or whatever you need to do.

We can attest that the testing this weekend (November 14, 2009) proved that this kit is the real deal, and solved ALL of our braking issues.