BRracing – pushing the frontier at all points, so that our customers have the BEST and PROVEN solutions available, has done it again.

We have been building our Porsche 997 Mark II 2010 GT3 into the perfect combination street and track car.  And, there is a very important distinction to us in our project cars….for this example, and for our BMW E82 135i as well.  These are GREAT street cars, that you can take to the track.  But they are NOT track cars that you can drive on the street.  Our GT3 has retained ALL the normal streetability, and now, we may have even enhanced its street behavior, while also enhancing its track behavior.   We proved this when we did the full suspension upgrade on our BMW E82 135i, and we used the triple adjustable AST 5300 system.  That system works in amazing ways, and truly provides the option to “dial” in the ride, comfort, and handling you want….just with the click of the adjustment knobs.  We longed for …….dreamed of……and begged for….to get this same solution for the GT3…that would truly be the cream on the top.

BRR GT3 AST 5300 box sm

And, we have seen, even as our results at the recent Global Tuner Grand Prix attest, that our GT3 can trounce most other cars at the track as well.  Is it possible to truly have a street car, that the family and friends can ride in at any time, and on any road, that you can take to the track, and dish out the highest levels of performance?  We believe so, and that has guided our decision making in every step of this project.  We don’t just take products that are available, and throw them together and hope…..hope that it will make something good.  No, just like an expert cook, we KNOW the ingredients that it takes to produce the right recipe, and we scour and work with suppliers to generate the right combination of ingredients.  We have done that again with AST to be the FIRST to implement the AST 5300, remote resv shock and strut system to the new generation GT3.

BRR GT3 AST 5300 set sm

And, besides just putting it on, and driving it around, we just got back from another full day of testing at Laguna (November 2, 2010).  We would have loved to have had this solution in time for our GTGP event, but we wanted to wait and test it fully before just throwing it on the car.  And now we have, and the results are GRAND.  WOO HOO….the car is transformed again….it rockets and handles the corners unlike any street car we have even driven.  With all the adjustments now available (adjustable front camber plates, front and rear springs, helper springs, solid bushings at all connections), we can even dial in a traditional Porsche CUP CAR setup and alignment.  Add our aero enhancements we already have…and we have an amazing car…..WOW.

BRR GT3 AST camber plate sm

BRR GT3 AST rear quick sm

BRR GT3 AST 5300 hose

So, back to the track for more testing….as we want to explore just how far we can go with this…..but, get in line fast, as we have a group of Porsche customers already buying this solution from us after seeing (and riding w us on this last Tuesday) and experiencing this amazing upgrade.   And the price is great as well… can you beat that?

Get an AST suspension solution for your car….and transform it to all that it can be.

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