BRracing – always looking for solutions that provide a real difference, and a real value, has now become one of only 6……master dealers in North America for Swift Racing Springs.  After continued testing and evaluation…  a spring is just a spring….right?  Well, in racing, we are always looking for the slightest advantage, the slightest difference, as winning comes from creating the best solution, not just a working solution.  So, what makes Swift Racing Springs any different?

Swift’s flagship products that made Swift a regular name in the worlds most famous racing series are their metric racing suspension springs. These products have been the core for over 80 years of industrial spring experience. Hundreds of engineers proven concepts and theories were materialized in the current spring development. The end product is the lightest, most durable, and the most linear spring rate on the market.


While most track racers go through the ritual of swapping their springs on their suspension, many swap from one brand to another to try something different or to get the right or desired spring rate, yet only notice the stiffness only as being either softer or harder. What if a spring could change other dynamics, such as a noticeably lighter unsprung mass, smoother weight transferring, better ride quality, lower tire temperature, and increased ability to anticipate vehicle reaction? Like most racers, the Swift development team hates to hear “what if”, so they built the “what if” into reality.

All of the Swift Springs are made with their exclusive material called H5S TW.

Without this specially designed material, their light weight spring design would not exist.

Their metric coilover springs are measured and rated in the metric system. The metric system is most widely used in the sports car market, and they wanted to provide an easy understanding for the suspension tuners.

They offer the widest range of metric coilover springs from 3kg through 34kg in various inner diameter and springs length.
The diameter, length, and rates that they offer will cover the broad range of users, from those with a need  daily comfortable commute, up to world class racing machines. Which ever suites the needs of the individual and application.

When many other companies were looking at expensive and brittle titanium or composites to create the next evolution of race suspension springs, Swift was looking at reinventing the entire science of coil spring dynamics. Swift saw that most others are using the old regular silicone chrome material, which was not strong enough. It used a heat tempering method that damaged the strength of the material that requiring more coils, in turn, creating more weight.

The material was also suffering from a short life span. With springs like this leading the market, Swift saw room for improvement.

Swift’s R & D team created the material, called H5S.TW, which is stronger then regular silicone chrome material. Because of this material, they could make the spring wire thinner, and could wind the springs with fewer coils, which greatly decreased weight while dramatically increasing available stroke.   Yet, at the same time, the design maintained the requirement of linear spring rate under deflection.

Here is an example –  The Swift spring uncompressed on the left, and compressed at the normal 50% compressed distance…but, notice that the Swift spring is still not into “coil bind”…..which is not the case with the other leading spring suppliers.  This means you get a lighter spring, with the same spring rate, and MORE suspension travel…….nirvana for a racer.

SWIFT14-250 comp-01swift


You will be able to order Swift Springs directly from BRracings’ online store (our online store will be fully up in April 2011)

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