There are some truly amazing cars….supercars, cars that are stunning in so many ways.  But, then….there is more…..we always are looking for more…..more performance, more beauty, more refinement, more power, more…..and we want a complete package.  That’s where we started with the Bugatti Veyron project.  An amazing car….just watching the car in start up mode is jaw dropping….the whole suspension takes a new stance, the wing raises, the idle changes….it sounds like a jet fighter prepping for battle.

So, how do you make this better?  How do you get more?

Answer, the BRracing Bugatti Project Car – BLACK SMOKE.  All black, everything is black.  The car started life as an all black version of the Veyron, but there were still too many pieces that were chrome, or silver, or something other than black.  Then, if its going to be called “BLACK SMOKE”, it better go link stink as well, and turn the tires into black smoke.  So, that’s exactly what we set out to do….and did.

Here are some pics of the car, and the video of the end result…..pure FUN.


Here are some pics of the before state…when the intake runners were still silver –



Now…take anything….anything that is not full black (and the right shade…matte, gloss), match it, then paint it to integrate into the whole car, and you get –




Photo’s shot in front of our other facility (BRracing).