You mean you can get INSURANCE to cover you when you take your car to the track —- YEP.

It must cost a fortune —- NOPE.

It must not cover physical damage —- YES IT DOES

It must have a high deductible — NOPE

Here are the details on the program that Hooked On Driving has developed, and this is a special deal that they have arranged due to their safety record.

We (Hooked On Driving) are announcing a new option for physical damage insurance to add to our current provider Lockton-Affinity. An established provider called “” has confirmed that HOD customers qualify for their program as our on-track protocols and track record meet their standards to cover our drivers’ cars.  While Lockton-Affinity, listed under the partners section (bottom of the home page) has and will continue to be a valued provider, we feel that options for our drivers are a good thing.  We have now listed under our Partners section as well, and offer this LINK to their special HOD welcome page.  This is worth a look to track drivers.