BRracing participated in another track day event, along w several of our customers, as part of the “Ferrari and Friends” day at Thunderhill on April 15, 2010.  This was a great day, as the event was a little different from normal in terms of the schedule, with only 3 run groups, and longer sessions on the track.  BRracing was there, w three customer cars, and Bruce and Robb were also doing instructing for other customers and participants as well (like Jeff Qvale, the owner of BMC and Los Gatos Luxury Cars).

Here is a set of pics of the BRracing setup and the customer cars we had participating in the day –

Virginia’s new GTR

Virginia’s Ferrari 16M (and how many of those have you ever seen????)

SS Ferrari F430 Novitec Rosso showcase car (twin supercharged)

Anawat’s Porsche 996TT track car (who turned a new best lap of 2:05 w the cyclone……WOW)

We had some of the BRR crew working at the shop this day, some already down at Long Beach crewing and participating at the American Le Mans races, and some at the track with us……..things are a “happening” at BRracing.

Group 1

Group 2