At BRracing, we’re all about getting the most from your car, and enjoying the experience and fun.

And now…with the results of our first Executive Experience on March 15, 2010….the call was for another due to the excitement and JOY all had….so, on with another.

Well, the feedback and participation from the first event exceeded all expectations, on every level, and we have added some spice and tweaks to make this one top notch in all aspects. This is a “one of a kind” program for a select set of our customers, to really make the event and driving opportunity a true life time experience.   Just like Porsche Executive days, Mercerdes AMG days, Audi Corporate days, BMW Joy days, we wanted to create all that and more.

BRR GT3 Laguna side small

Our event will be held at Laguna Seca on June 1, 2010 (the Tuesday after the holiday weekend….what a great way to end a long weekend).

We have rented a full session to be dedicated just to BRracing customers in this special program, and we will also have an advanced group for the quick customers in the group.  A dedicated run group, with only a limit of 15 cars on the track, so that there is no confusion and congestion, and each customer can concentrate on getting the most of their track time.   Yee HA!!!!!

We will have –

– Full driving event at the Laguna Seca track (4 run sessions during the day)

– Driving coaches (not the normal coaches, but all our friends from the Pro Racing world…exisiting Porsche Pro drivers, BMW Factory Drivers, drivers from the 2010 Grand-AM series, ALMS series) – each customer will have a dedicated professional coach to help them get the most from their car and experience during the day.  The feedback from the first event was that these are truly world class instructors, and the one-on-one time each dedicated instructor spent w their student radically improved each driver.

– Full catered meals all day, with an executive chef preparing the main multi-course lunch meal, delivered to the guests in our suite

– Full use of a dedicated set of Laguna Seca suites, for all the meals, and to relax in during the day, and to watch all the other activities during the day (whether from inside, or the balcony that overhangs the pits and looks out on the front straight).  Many of the “execs” were even able to use the suites to complete business conference calls and have access to email during the day to stay in touch if needed.

– Dedicated use of the Laguna garages for BRracing customers.  Simply drive in, and drive out onto the course when our run group is on

– Full BRracing crew maintaining and preparing all the customer cars during the day.  We will have our full rig, tools, nitrogen, jacks, and some spare parts and tires to take care of everything during the day…..the cars are cleaned and prepped between each session

– BRracing goodie bag….special items being given away as part of the experience

– Dedicated camera crew, and HD video footage for each car, with special CDs of the event being created for each participant of their car and time on the track (We will also have GotBlueMilk participating as well to shoot additional footage…but we had over 5, 000 images from our first event, and the same shots and angles will be utilized for this event as well)….all this is included.

– Live video and MAC video displays in the suites to view the recent track outings and footage for training and review

ALL part of the BRracing Executive Experience

The excitement from the customers who have signed up is so great, and the feedback so positive, that we are already at work at creating another one of these events for later in 2010 at another reknown track in the area, and we will be adding to the experience with other integrated elements (hotel spa stay, special dinners at unique restaurants in the area, spa treatments during the day for the other members not participating in the track events, and more).  Look for more on this in the coming months.

BRracing….going beyond the norm…making the most of each driving opportunity and creators of FUN