BRR 135i Vors front lip angle

AS we have been building the BMW E82 135i project car, with each step we have taken, the next step in the natural evolution has been exposed.  We continue to strive to make the 135i one of THE most amazing cars ever.  We originally just thought this would be a great project, but the ability to extend the envelope at every turn has allowed the car to become much more… much more.

As we have proven on the track as well, this is not just a pretty car.  And, this is not a track rat.  This is a daily driver, with current state of the art features and comforts, that we drive daily, and can carry on regular conversations even when driven in anger.  BUT, don’t pull up next to us at a stop light and tease us, even in a F430 or a M3….this car will put you in your place and behind us.

So, as the evolution has unfolded, we needed some more eye candy, and we needed some specific performance tweaks.  The battle has always been to drain the understeer from the car when driven hard, and the recent additions of the new wheels have gone a long way to doing that, but we want more balance at all speeds.  To achieve that, we needed some downforce, and the new Vorsteiner front lip is the answer.

We needed a piece that was both very pleasing to look at, great construction, and had the strength to endure when speeds of over 140mph are obtained on the track. At those speeds, huge amounts of downforce can be generated, and we needed to ensure we had a very stout piece that also had the right attachment elements/methods and overall strength.

We now have one, in the brand new single piece Vorsteiner CF front lip. It is a beautiful piece, built to the same exacting standards that Vorsteiner is known for, but they have also added some strength reinforcing elements to provide the strength and rigidity needed.
– beautiful piece, beautiful finish
– great fitment
– great price
– reinforced construction

BRracing was the FIRST car to have this full production unit on a BMW E82 135i, and we worked closely wtih Vorsteiner to ensure the product met the objectives.  The pics show the wonderful fitment and tightness that can be achieved (attention needs to be taken if anyone undergoes the installation AND intends on using the splitter on the track, and we can provide some additional information on how the installation needs to be performed if this is ever to see track duty).

The next track outing for the car will be at our special event at Laguna Seca (BRracing has rented the track for our customer program along with bringing in our Professional Race driver friends to do individual instruction for our customer group) on Monday, March 15, 2010.

Enjoy…and yes, we can get this beautiful piece for you.

Vorsteiner BMW E82 135i Carbon Fiber front lip = $798  (can be ordered NOW from BRracing)

BRracing….pushing the envelope and producing the best TOTAL solutions in the market.  Leading and partnering with leading suppliers in the market to bring the best solutions to market, and to provide the value to our customers of KNOWING what works…and works well.

BRR 135i Vors front lip headon

BRR 135i Vors fr lip side

BRR 135i Vors fr lip corner close

BRR 135i Vors front lip corner close