BRracing has expanded again….not just in terms of people and resources, but in locations and space.

BRracing has had from the beginning a vision of a three pronged business strategy – service/maintenance, parts, and racing.  As our business has been growing year over year (every year more than 100% growth, and again, even this year (2010), in the first 6 months we have exceeded our sales of all of 2009, which was more than 100% growth over 2008), we have positioned ourselves to have the resources to continue to support that growth.

Now, we are in a position to expand again, and provide additional space and capacity.  BRracing has added another location, in Campbell, which now serves multiple functions.  It houses all our cars under our “storage and concierge” program, and will also act as our base for our growing worldwide parts sales.  It has over 2,500 sq ft of floor area, and 3 complete offices for our expanding sales and support staff.  We redid the floors in new epoxy covering, freshened all the offices, and made it have the same BRR feel as our current location.

Here are some pics of the additional location.  Look for BRracing to be adding more locations and space in the near future, as we have exciting news on the racing programs side of our business as well.

BRR Dell location 01Jun10

BRR Dell office 01Jun10