We have said for many years that we appreciate and are thankful for all our customers, but we have no idea when a customer requests our Motorsports services, what their objectives are for RACING, and their talent. We strive to put the best program and car together for them to achieve their plans, but so much has to come together if they want to target a championship.

2014 was a remarkable year. Many shops / teams / groups hope that they can win a championship of some sort, at a variety of levels. In 2014 BRracing Motorsports had customers win on almost every level there is….our customer won the following in 2014: (1) 3rd place overall in the 2014 Pirelli GT3 Cup, (2) NASA National Championship in the ST-1 Class, (3) PCA GGR Region GTC5 AND GT2 Classes, and (4) CFRA (Checkered Flag Racing Association) 2014 GT-1 Champion, Qualifying Champion, and Iron-Man Champion. Many, many races and time trials were also won….but to win all these championships is so special. From the team (our data engineer, suspension engineer, strategist, crew chief, techs, fuel crew, tire manager, truck drivers, hospitality)…it takes a village to properly support a customer well, and then to execute on all fronts at every event. Then, there is the drivers / customers…they were ALL IN…focussed, listening, taking direction, aggressive, patient, sly, fun, happy, team players….such a great effort.

PIRELLI GT3 Cup 2014 – 3rd Place Overall, Multiple Podiums, Race Winner (Robb Todd)

BRR 2014 sm

NASA National Championship 2014, Champion of the Super Touring 1 Class (Craig Ames)

Craig A 2014 sm

PCA Golden Gate Region 2014, Champions of the GT5 Class (Annand Sharma)

Annand 2014 sm

Checkered Flag Racing Association 2014 (actually, 2 years in a ROW), GT-1 Champion (Darren Passolt)


WOO HOO….High Fives for all involved. And all of these customers are returning for more action in 2015, along w more customers joining the program…watch this space for more news. But if you see any of these customers, or team members, give them a HIGH FIVE for these results.

And, now even more….

PCA Golden Gate Region – Time Trial Champion for 2014
Brad Williams, Porsche 996 Carrera C4S, TT6 Class

BradW PCAChampion2014

BRracing Motorsports – Taking our customers racing to the next level.