BRracing Motorsports 2016 Racing Results

Almost everywhere we raced in 2016…we generated amazing results. But, 2016 will stand out for the results obtained in the 2016 Pirelli Drivers Cup Series.  The Pirelli Series is a SEMI-Pro level race series.  The normal hierarchy in the car racing world goes like this…. –> Driving Events leads to –> Time Trialing..leads to –> Regional Club Racing….which leads to –> National Club Racing….which leads to –> Semi-Pro Racing…which leads to full PRO Racing.  As you climb the racing ladder, the expense to play grows exponentially, and the level of competition intensifies.

BRracing Motorsports has grown since its inception in 2010 along these exact lines. We had customers who started with us at the Driving Event level, which led to some moving to Time Trials, and then some went to Regional Club Racing….and then some to National Club Racing, and finally, to SEMI Pro Racing.  BRracing Motorsports has been incredibly blessed in this journey…as we have WON at each level.  We have multiple Time Trial championships in our quiver, we have multiple POC and PCA Regional Club Racing Championships, we have PCA and NASA National Club Racing championships, and now, in 2016, we have TWO SEMI-Pro Pirelli Championships, both achieved in 2016.  At the recent Porsche “Night of Champions”, BRracing Motorsports was the ONLY team in the WORLD to win two Porsche championships (991 Class Champion, Robb Todd; 981 GT4 Class Champion, Kevin Woods). In the whole world…..amazing.

But it wasn’t just that, in the 2016 Pirelli Series, we had six customers playing.  And the total results we achieved are outstanding.  There were 16 races in the 2016 series. There are three classes (991 Cup, 997 Cup, 981 GT4 ClubSport).  There are three podiums possible at each race for each class, or a total of 9 podiums per race. Over the 16 race series, that is a total of:

48 1st place positions (all three classes)
48 2nd place positions
48 3rd place positions

This is what the BRracing Motorsport group achieved across those three classes, as we did have customers in all three classes (991 Class – Robb Todd, Jesse Menczer; 997 Class – John Trefethen, Will Kruka, Jim Walsh; 981 Class – Kevin Woods)……BUT, of the 16 races, and three classes (48 class events over the season), BRracing Motorsport only had customers compete in:

  • in the 991 class, we had cars in 13 out of 16 races
  • in the 997 class, we had cars in 8 out of 16 races
  • in the 981 class, we had cars in 16 out of 16 races

That sets the stage.  Now, here are the results for BRracing Motorsports in the 2016 series:

  • 991 Class = 7 1st place
  • 991 Class = 5 2nd place
  • 991 Class = 4 3rd place
  • Total of 16 podium places out of a possible 39 podiums…or 41%
  • The most 1st places of any team
  • There were over 18 competitors in the 991 Class in 2016.


  • 997 Class = 2 1st place
  • 997 Class = 2 2nd place
  • 997 Class = 3 3rd place
  • Total of 7 podium places out of a possible 21 podiums…or 33%
  • John Trefethen won 50% of the races he entered w us.


  • 981 Class = 6 1st place
  • 981 Class = 2 2nd place
  • 981 Class = 3 3rd place
  • Total of 11 podium places out of a possible 48 podiums…or 23%.

Those are just out of this world results. Especially for a relatively new team.  BRracing Motorsport customers beat some of the best Porsche teams in North America:  Flying Lizard, Kelly-Moss, Competition Motorsport, TruSpeed, TRG, AirPower, NOLAsport, GMG Racing, Topp Racing, Cresitini Racing, and more.  Many of these teams are at Daytona 2017 as I write this, and have won multiple championships. This is just exceptional results….oh, what a year, what a team, what a great set of customers. And, as the saying goes, it takes a team effort.


BRracing Motorsports had over 20+ crew members to support our efforts in 2016:  Team lead, strategist, engineer, data engineers (multiple), team leads, crew members, hospitality, tire crew member, fuel crew member, and our truck drivers.  Awesome.   WOW.


2016 BRracing Motorsports Pirelli Cup PLAYERS:

Robb (RQ = real quick) Todd – 2016 Pirelli Cup 991 Cup Champion
991 Cup Car – 2015
Car Owner = David O’Rourke


Kevin Woods – 2016 Pirelli Cup 981 GT4 Champion
981 GT4 Clubsport – 2016



Jesse Menczer
991 Cup Car – 2014


John Trefethen
997.2 Cup Car – 2012


Jim Walsh
997.2 Cup Car – 2012



Will Kruka
997.2 Cup Car – 2010