We have a track day coming up this week (March 20, 2009), and while we have one of our largest groups going, we have many who unfortunately cannot make it.  The conditions for the March 20, 2009 event look to be about perfect…especially given that its Thunderhill.

So, to help others plan for this year, we are publishing a preliminary schedule of when BRracing will be participating at Hooked On Driving events (they have many more than this, but these are the ones we are planning on participating in).

Friday, March 20 – Thunderhill

Friday, April 17 – Thunderhill

Friday, May 15 – Thunderhill

Saturday, Sunday, June 6 – 7 – Thunderhill

Saturday, Sunday, July 5 – 6, Infineon  (this is a special event…expect large crowd)

Saturday, September 19 – Thunderhill

Saturday, November 14 – Thunderhill

Come join as many times as you can….everyone who has tried it, seems to have caught the disease…and can’t cure themselves of the smile…mile after mile, turn after turn.