Track Day (Friday, November 12, 2010), and for a GREAT CAUSE at Thunderhill Raceway in CA.

BRR 135 & GT3 TH 12Nov10

Hooked on Driving hosts Derric’s Day – Prostate Cancer Awareness event and fund raiser.   The fund raiser generated over $34k ……Woo Hoo.

This is a very personal event for us, as this is a special tribute to Derric D, who passed away about a year ago from cancer.  Derric was a great friend of ours, a customer, a student of mine (Bruce, as I was often his track instructor), and a reknown track junkie.

But, this was a fun day, and the weather was amazing.  The day is being hosted by Hooked on Driving, and was sold out almost immediately.  But, you can have a part, as there is a large contingent of special cars, where you can, for a donation fee, get a ride throughout the day.   There are many “dream” cars, and you can get a ride at speed (we will all be driving the “donation” cars in the fast run group, at speed, with full passing rules).  We (BRracing) are brining the following cars for the ride /donation portion = our GTGP Porsche GT3, our GTGP BMW 135i, and a Turner Motorsport Grand-Am winning BMW (which will be driven by our pro racer and friend Matt Bell).  There will also be many other amazing cars (some Porsche Cup Cars, a NASCAR stock car, some new Corvette ZR-1’s, and many more).   So, come join a great cause, come have some fun, or just come and hang out with us in the sun.

We also have about 15 of our customers coming along to drive on their own, and we will be providing full track support to the large group.

Cheers….and in memory of Derric D.