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GMG Nissan GTR Engine kits

It took 9 Months of hard work to birth GMG’s most sophisticated engine system yet.
GMG would like you to take a first peek into a new level of turbo charging technology and sophistication.
GMG announces the WC GT ( Level 1, 2, 3) systems capable of 900+ horsepower at the flywheel on the level 1 power kit (entry level 1) , while retaining stock-like drivability. The highlights of the kit include the following:

  • GMG Investment cast Inconel 62X Equal length & Symmetrical Exhaust Manifolds
  • GMG  designed  & custom built dual ball-bearing turbochargers with proprietary compressor aerodynamics
  • Twin External water-cooled 38mm waste gates with proprietary GMG actuators
  • Motorsport inspired 76mm stainless steel and aluminum air intake system
  • GMG Custom calibrated MAF Sensors for 1000-1800 hp
  • GMG Ultra fast high flow fuel injectors
  • GMG designed 4-Ply Aramid / Nomex reinforced pure silicon custom hoses and couplers.
  • Dual 76mm Stainless steel dual downpipes with V-band terminals
  • Stainless steel hardware & clamps, CNC bent stainless fluid control hardware

The Concept
The R35 comes from a blue blood line and pedigree from the minds at Nissan that started the cult following of the car that would be know world wide as Godzilla.  Built on a record and class shattering FM platform, the GTR’s heritage has been with us for 20 years, and until recently a forbidden fruit in North America. The car has inspired a culture unto its own, with its legendary looks and bullet-proof engines, like the RB series that responded unusually well to modifications and upgrades. The latest iteration of the GTR delivers on the power promised by its Gundam inspired looks, and the responsiveness of its VR power plant to creative tuning has yet to find its ceiling. The GMG World Challenge turbo system bridges the gap from street to super car legend.

R&D at GMG takes place over many months and across a round table of engineers, calibrators and drivers. The system is conceived from the ground-up stopping at no design challenges. Understanding the car, we seek to compliment the platform, not pervert its nature. We will not chase peak H.P. numbers or 1/4 mile times on a platform designed to carve the likes of the Nuremberg-ring. We begin with an idea and study the feasibility of the product, and design card blanch a fresh and refined vision using the latest in production and manufacturing processes, and when the latest won’t cut it, we create new processes to accomplish our ends . From concept & planning, the next step is modeling. The entire engine envelope and drive train is 3D laser modeled over millions of points defining our working space, the work envelope. The new parts are designed in 3D modeling software from the beginning to fit within the defined envelope. Component interference surprises are a thing of the past, new areas such as thermal loading and engine bay air flow analysis are considered and refined before cutting the first prototype.

Nissan GTR stock exhaust manifold

GMG stockmanifold

GMG uses the newest and most efficient turbochargers available. Designed and optimized specifically for high pressure ratio operation. The turbo’s feature the most generous surge line tolerance and high pressure choke flows for a boost profile that comes on very strong, and holds very high boost all the way to redline. Our Investment cast V-band Nirtronic turbine housing, are 1/3 the weight of traditional Ni-resist cast housings. The Inconel turbine wheel ensures extreme operating longevity to 180,000 rpms +. 6 specific turbo charger configurations are available. From Specialized 28 frame GT’s to 35R’s with mass flow choke rates in the 85+ lbs/min. 900 chp – 1800 chp. You dream it, we already built it.

GMG exh manifold
The GMG World Challenge exhaust manifold is investment cast from Inconel 62X super alloy. Its outstanding strength and toughness in temperature ranges from cryogenic to 2000°F (1093°C) are the properties that make it ideal for this extreme application. Inconel 62X can withstand temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit without compromising its mechanical or chemical integrity. The manifold runners are painstakingly formed to be equal in length ensuring equal resonance timing of cylinder pressure pulse waves, keeping cylinder specific fueling and efficiency constant across the entire rev band. This design maximizes the kinetic energy delivered the turbine nozzle for lower boost thresholds and snappier turbine wheel acceleration. Primaries were sized according to the power levels desired and with the size of the exhaust ports in mind. The wastegate port size and priority was designed and refined through the use of CFD modeling. Aperture of the WG port and departure angles were tuned to balance between each manifold and turbine. The symmetrical and further refined port balancing presents each turbo with an equal and optimal share of the charging load. This means that the system will work less for a given boost, and each turbo will serve you longer. The GMG WC power kit is presented to the GTR community with no compromises from inception & first sketch, alloying & melting, shot peeing & machining to delivery as best GTR manifold available anywhere in the world.
Other components were not compatible with the new operational limits and were required to be also redesigned. The increased air flow requirements of the turbo system needed larger air intake provisions. The stock MAF sensors were also well out of their reading limits. The diameter of the intake tubing was increased to a full 76mm and the Maf sensors re-mapped to GMG’s specs.

GMG lines
New larger air filters were upgraded and fueling requirements are met with high flow Bosch Motorsport fuel injectors custom tailored for your fueling and hp goals, from 1000 cc / min to 2350cc / min. Preserving the low flow linearity down to idle. Full 76mm downpipes manage exhaust flow from both turbo chargers, featuring interlocking stainless steel v-band flanges for a reliable and serviceable interconnection. No gaskets, no bolts.
GMG calibration engineers applied extensive road and track experience to the World Challenge package. Tuned in house on our Mustang AWD 500SE forced air enclosed dyno cell, the same one we use to tune our championship winning race cars. The GMG WC-GT package is tuned for pump octane, 100, 109, and c19 to the same degree of precision afforded to the World Challenge cup cars.

GMG wastegate

Hardware design and calibration under one team, one vision, with all engineers and calibrators sharing feedback and expertise to provide a word class product. The WC-GT system will feature Cobb AP map switching technology allowing the used to select octane and boost specific calibrations on the fly allowing the system to run at peak performance no matter what lies down the road ahead.
Race car performance optimized and refined for the street , the GMG World Challenge power package for the Nissan R35 Skyline.

All kits are installed in house and tuned on our in house 4wd dyno test cell to ensure maximum power and optimum calibration. Due to the complexity of the kit and skill level required to install ,we only offer the kit installed at our facility.

The kits are offered in 3 basic configurations.

GTR World Challenge Power kit 900hp

  • GMG WC Inconel exhaust manifolds
  • GMG WC spec turbo chargers
  • GMG WC downpipes- 3″ T304 stainless steel ,tig welded
  • GMG WC Sport exhaust system 3.5″ primary tubing, T304 stainless – tig welded.
  • Divorced waste gates that are also available water cooled.
  • Stainless steel turbo oil feed and coolant lines ( hard lines)
  • V-Band flanges for turbo to manifold and turbo downpipes as well as waste gates.
  • 6 Bosch motorsport injectors that have been balanced and tuned.
  • Bosch motorsport high volume fuel pump
  • 2 Sport air filters
  • Stainless steel turbo inlet ( intake ) tubes with stainless CNC machined MAF housings.
  • Custom calibrated high flow MAF sensors includes revised electronics wiring.
  • Custom software calibration for 91/93 , 100 octane fuel ( c16 tuning available)
  • Custom turbo inlet tubing mandrel bent tig welded T304.
  • New motorsport spark plugs
  • Aerospace grade hardware throughout
  • New gaskets and seals
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Replace coolant
  • Replace power steering fluid
  • Certificate of authenticity with serial number.

Any items that might have deteriorated with use prior to kit installation will be replaced and charged additional.


  • Clean undercarriage and engine
  • Remove engine assembly complete
  • Install power kit and perform necessary work to fit new components.
  • Install engine assembly complete
  • Install exhaust system
  • Dyno test and tune
  • Road test and tune.

Installed price $28,900.00  (Install performed at BRracing locations)

Discounted transportation rates available through one of our partners.
Worldwide shipping available.
For clients that are more than 200 miles from BRracing, you will receive a $500.00 shipping credit for transportation of your vehicle to BRracing if you use our partner carrier.


  • GMG sport intercooler $3400.00
  • Meth Injection kit $1400.00
  • Thermal coat downpipes $300.00
  • Thermal coat complete exhaust system $500.00
  • Transmission upgrade internals and trans cooling system (multiple options available)
  • Suspension upgrades available  (multiple options available)
  • Brake upgrades available (Brembo or StopTech kits available)

Parts and Labor additional for the above components. Package deals are available.

GMG World Challenge Level 2 Power Kit 1000-1050 + hp

Same as Level 1 above but includes the following additional items and services:

  • High flow sport Intercooler
  • Larger GMG WC turbochargers with custom calibration set up for street, track or strip.
  • Complete fuel system upgrade includes all feed lines throughout the car.
  • 6 Bosch motorsport injectors that are custom calibrated for greater fuel supply of the upgraded fuel system.
  • 2 Bosch motorsport fuel pumps.
  • Custom software calibration for 91/93 , 100 octane fuel ( c16 tuning available)

Includes installation of additional parts and any additional labor that is required. Prices vary depending on if you are upgrading an existing level 1 package or just going straight to a level 2 package.

Call BRracing for pricing.

** This level can produce more power however the engine internals are limited and would need to be upgraded. We can make up to an additional 125-150 hp with this power level but the bottom end of engine needs to be rebuilt.

*** Call for quote to build bottom end of engine, other options available such as CNC cylinder head porting, larger valves, etc.

****Transmission upgrade required – Call for price.

Suspension upgrades recommended
Brake upgrades recommended

GMG World Challenge Level 3 Power Kit 1200 +++ hp

The level 3 power kit is a custom kit that is specifically designed for each customers use. Due to the nature of the build we recommend you call and consult with us so we can optimize a package for your particular use.

  • Larger GMG WC turbo chargers optimized for intend use , street, strip or track.
  • Complete rebuild of engine bottom end, includes balancing and blue printing.
  • Upgrade transmission and clutch packs
  • Upgrade trans cooler with high volume remote pump

The GMG World Challenge kit is available directly through BRracing (all levels, plus the full range of other GTR products BRracing offers for the GTR).

You want power….we bring you power.  You want, scream your head, oh my gosh, hang on for dear life, is this really possible power…..bring it on.

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