Great products just keep flowing.  After the slow start to the MINI R56 product development cycle, we have seen a steady stream of just incredible products, that provide real results, not just numbers on a page.  The new Riss Racing MINI Cooper Downpipe (polished), available in either catless or catted versions, is the biggest single power adder other than a tune.  Riss Racing Catless downpipes are the premier downpipes for the R56 community (and we know the results we have seen from the BMW 135i downpipes)!

Riss Racing R56 Catless Downpipes
For those looking for the biggest power gains come the Riss Racing Catless Downpipe for the R56 Mini Cooper. Guaranteed to give you gains straight off the turbo, catless downpipes are always the best way to make big power quickly. As any turbo car owner knows, offroad downpipes usually yield the largest gains in power for a bolt on product. Other than a Tune/flash, downpipes can NET you 2X or even 3X more power than an intake or catback exhaust system. Riss Racings R56 Catless downpipe improves your turbo flow by reducing back pressure and increasing power. Constructed of 100% T-304 Stainless Steel, this is the top quality grade Offroad downpipes available on the market. Installation is able to be done with a novice mechanic. Our techs can also help with the process during installation. Available in Polished and Black Stealth Coating.

* Highest Grade Full 304-Polished Stainless Steel
* TIG Welded throughout the whole system!
* Straight flow, Mandrel Bent, 2.5” piping
* Reduced back-pressure for increased top-end performance
* Enhanced aggressive high-RPM sound
* 100% Direct Bolt-On & utilizes stock ball joints and clamps
* Responsibly researched, developed, and engineered

We have already installed these on one of our customers cars, and the fit, quality, and results can all be attested to.

Give us a call today to find out how we can provide great results for your R56 MINI.

Initial introductory pricing is $399 plus installation, but we don’t expect this price to stay at that low level for long.