There were five major players in the BMW 135i / 335i / 535i tuning market (Dinan, GIAC, Powerchip, Burger, and Vishnu/Procede.

But, a new player with long experience, and some very significant new features was announced today (January 5, 2011).  Here is the announcement of the HAND HELD flasher and AccessPort from Cobb Tuning.  Cobb has been doing this solution for other car lines, and now brings this level of features, adjustment, and tuning to the BMW market (they also have a solution for the MINI R56 product line).


Introducing the COBB Tuning AccessPORT for 2008-2010 BMW 135i, 335i, and 535i vehicles equipped with the N54 twin turbo engine. The AccessPORT brings hand-held ECU flashing, managing and monitoring convenience to BMW, unleashing untapped power hidden in the ECU with just the push of a button. The AccessPORT lets you quickly reprogram your car’s ECU with performance-tuned calibrations for instant power gains without any tools, wiring, soldering or downtime. Reprogramming the ECU generates significant power gains while retaining the sophisticated control logic and refined engine response developed by BMW engineers. Simply plug the AccessPORT into your car, install the desired calibration and enjoy the thrill of big gains in torque and horsepower!

The AccessPORT puts control in the hands of the enthusiast. Install the AccessPORT at your convenience in less than 20 minutes from the comfort of your driver seat. The AccessPORT is able to store multiple calibrations, making map switching easy with just the touch of a button in under a minute. Choose from many pre-tuned maps for different levels of modifications and types of fuels and be ready for any situation. For extreme modifications or maximum power output, our ProTuner network can custom tune your setup on a dyno using our soon to be released AccessTUNER Pro tuning software.

Flashing the ECU for increased performance is just the start of what the AccessPORT is capable of. Set the AccessPORT to Performance Mode to capture 0-60MPH times, ¼ Mile times and Trap Speeds. Switch over to Live Data and choose a gauge to monitor, such as; oil temperature, intake air temperature, throttle position, ignition timing, boost, MAF voltage, air/fuel ratio and many more. Select the integrated Data Logging function to record multiple channels of data for up to 10 hours for in-depth performance analysis. Go to Troubleshooting mode to diagnose issues by reading trouble codes and resetting the system once the issues have been resolved. Users can even configure the AccessPORT as a shift light that flashes the screen at whatever RPM you choose.

The AccessPORT can even eliminate separation anxiety for those times you are away from your car. Protect your investment when out on the town by quickly loading the Valet map to limit engine revs and boost. And when it’s necessary to remove the AccessPORT, the uninstall process is simple, taking under 10 minutes and restoring the ECU to its original condition. The AccessPORT can be installed and uninstalled as many times as needed without fuss or hassle.

The AccessPORT from COBB Tuning is the most comprehensive hand-held ECU flashing, managing and monitoring device available for 2008-2010 BMW 135i, 335i and 535i vehicles. Satisfy your hunger for more power and control. Access the potential of your BMW today!

Part Number: AP-BMW-001
Retail Price: $895.00

The AccessPORT for 08-10 BMW 135i, 335i and 535i vehicles will be available for purchase starting January 6th, 2011.

Editorial comment by BRracing – the other neat things this will allow, is a vast set of tunes to be developed and SHARED by users and tuners.  So, all the different combinations of Intercooler, intake, BOVs, mid-pipes, down pipes, cats or catless, etc, can be accomodated in a special tune file, and either accessed from the tuner network, or just shared via email.

So…..finally we have a tune solution that puts the power in the hands of the user.

Contact us at BRracing for more info.  Tune ON.