The events just keep on coming……but this is one is going to be big.? At the beginning of the year, we did not think this event would attract a large group, as it is an event on a Holiday weekend, but maybe that is just the reason.? Nonetheless, this event looks to be our largest event for BRR customers this year.?? We have all levels coming w us to enjoy this event.

The event is at Buttonwillow Raceway, just off I-5 in the central valley.? The event is being hosted by PCA, and is a three day event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).? It has just about eveything….normal DE run groups, a TimeTrial event, and a PCA Club Race.? Right now, we look to have nearly 10 customers joining us for this event, and most for all three days.? We also have a large group all gunning for each other in the Time Trial event.? Our customers do not seem to be content with just setting new track lap records and taking all the podium, they want more, and they want each other.? So, many changes have been afoot for our experienced track customers (suspension upgrades, new clutch and flywheels, new aero additions, new wheels / tire combinations, new ABS systems, new data acquisition systems and data sensors……they’re going ALL out…..WOO HOO….this is such FUN).

We also have a large group of newer customers, some of who will be experiencing track events for the first time, and others who will be experiencing the track at Buttonwillow for the first time (can they tackle the Talladega banked turn?? can they fly over Lost Hills?? Will they get the brakes to work as needed heading into Star Mazda?? This is what we all dream about….great cars, great friends, the rush of driving on amazing tracks, great weather, and the social environment…..this is? a HOOT.

If you’re there, stop by and see us, or come hang out at our big transporter and canopy and join in the FUN.? We will post updates thru the weekend and the results (tummies are starting to rumble w anxiety).

BRracing….FUN at the limit