(Reuters) (April 30, 2013) – Porsche 911 cars are the focus of a defect investigations by U.S. safety regulators, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Tuesday.

Defect investigations by NHTSA are not recalls, but sometimes lead to them.

NHTSA has opened an investigation into Porsche 911 models equipped with GTI engines from model years 2001 to 2007.? There are about 10,000 Porsche 911’s involved in an investigation by NHTSA on possible failure of a cooling hose fitting.

A loose hose can cause rapid loss of coolant without warning, which could disable the vehicle and cause a slick on the road that could affect following traffic.

There were 10 complaints by Porsche owners with the federal agency. One of the complaints claims that spilled coolant caused loss of rear tire traction, leading to a spin-out by the Porsche 911 that ended up off the road it was traveling on.