UPDATE – April 9, 2013

We had previously reported about a formal announcement from Porsche about the 997 center lock hub assembly.? Now we have the official update and service recommendations if you are still using the OEM 997 street center lock system and are doing any track activities – here is the new update from PORSCHE.? (Comment by BRR – pay close attention to the schedule of how often this needs to be done, and the COST to do this service…..this is NUTS).

Vehicle Type & Affected Vehicles:
911 Carrera GTS (997)/911 Carrera 4 GTS (997)
911 Turbo (997)/911 Turbo S (997)
911 GT3 (997)/911 GT3 RS (997)/911 GT3 RS 4.0 (997)/911 GT2 (997)

Model Year:
As of 2009 up to 2013

Central wheel lock (I-no. 422, 430)

Maintenance and Service Intervals for race track use

This is to inform you of a voluntary Workshop Campaign on the above-mentioned vehicles.

Action Required:
Current market observation shows that the race track usage profile of many vehicles in the 911 model line now comes close to that of pure GT3 racing vehicles (e.g. GT3 Cup). The component stresses associated with race track use and competitive driving are much higher than for
a sporty driving style on public roads.

The new maintenance and service intervals for race track use must therefore be observed, particularly for highly stressed chassis components, in the same way as is required for GT3 racing vehicles.
If these new maintenance and service intervals are not observed, the failure of highly stressed
components cannot be ruled out, particularly in the case of components in advanced stages of wear.

For this reason, Porsche has established new maintenance and service intervals for race track

During workshop campaign WD13, customers whose vehicles were fitted with the current standard version of the rear wheel hub at the factory will be informed about the new maintenance and service intervals for race track use.

Each owner of record for the affected VINs will be mailed a notification letter with an enclosed owner’s manual supplement that outlines the new maintenance and service intervals.

NOTE: The new Maintenance and Service Checklist is available in the Document Repository
under Service Operations, Group 0 (zero); P/N PNA 000 162 FG.
The VIN(s) can be checked by using PIWIS Vehicle Information link to verify if the campaign affects the vehicle. This campaign is scope specific to the VIN! Failure to verify in PIWIS may result in an improper repair. This campaign affects 4,709 vehicles in North America.

Attachment “A”: Procedure

PCNA will mail a customer notification letter to affected customers as noted above.

The new Maintenance and Service Intervals outlined in the supplement that accompanies the letter are as follows:

Additional maintenance for race track use/Vehicles with central lock, model years 2009-2013
Additional maintenance every 4,200 miles (7,000 km) for race track use (cumulative)
? Replace wheel hubs and wheel bearings on rear axle
? Replace central lock bolts on rear axle
Additional maintenance every 8,400 miles (14,000 km) for race track use (cumulative)
? Replace wheel bearing housing on rear axle
? Replace wheel hubs and wheel bearings on front axle
? Replace central lock bolts on front axle
Additional maintenance every 16,800 miles (28,000 km) for race track use (cumulative)
? Replace wheel bearing housing on front axle

Attachment “B”: Claim Submission – Workshop Campaign WD13
Warranty claims should be submitted via WWS/PQIS.
Open campaigns may be checked by using either the PIWIS Vehicle Information system or through PQIS Job Creation.
Labor, parts, and sublet will be automatically inserted when Technician is selected in WWS/PQIS. If necessary, the required part numbers will need to be manually entered into warranty system by the dealer administrator.


Original POST by BRR on December 7, 2012 – a formal recall was released in January 2013

OK, most of you will already know, that we (BRR) have seen, first hand, an issue w the Porsche Center Lock hubs found on the street GT3’s and GT3-RSs (997.2 versions).? Porsche has just made the first announcement, and a PR release by the head of R&D that there is an issue w the center lock hubs, when used for track purposes…..hmmm….or very aggressive driving, and that these forces can come close to the forces experienced when racing.

Their position is that the hub needs to be replaced (implying a new part, or different part).

Full announcement and the recall expected from Porsche in January 2013.

If you don’t know, we had a customer experience a complete failure of the right rear hub at a track event with his 997.2 GT3 w the center lock hubs.? There is no known evidence of a hub about to fail, when it will fail, or how to determine when failure is imminent.? The only resolution is to replace the OEM center lock hubs with either the Porsche Motorsport center lock hubs (the ones used on the Porsche Cup Car) or to go w the older 5 lug hub design.? We (BRR) have installed both, and know the parts and the solution for both alternatives.

Check w us if you have any questions.