September 15, 2015 – Frankfurt International Auto Show

Pors MissE front

Porsche just unveiled a concept car to rival the Tesla Model S, and it’s as beautiful and amazing as you ever hoped. Dubbed the Mission E, this new electric car looks like a love child between a Panamera and Porsche 918 with just a tiny of touch of Aston Martin thrown in at the back. It is a sleek and aggressive machine, and by all that is holy in this world, it better be the next-generation Panamera sedan.

Oh! It has insanely cool suicide back doors that have a wild double-hinge to let them open completely.

Pors MissE side

What makes this car so interesting is not its looks. Well okay, it’s partially the way it looks, but the really important stuff lies under that sexy sheet metal. The car is powered by a pair of electric motors that share DNA with the Le Mans winning 919 racer, and together they produce more than 600 horsepower. There is no word on torque figures that I can find, but assume it is well north of “a lot.” Porsche claims that from a dead stop, 62 mph will arrive in just 3.5 seconds and 125 mph shows up in less than 12 seconds.

But the cool stuff doesn’t stop there either. You see, Porsche claims this EV has a Model S rivaling range of 500 kilometers, or just about 311 miles. Oh, thanks to a new 800-volt charging system, you can bring the battery from the brink of death up to an 80-percent charge in just 15 minutes. That equates to just about 250 miles, all on a 15-minute charge. It still isn’t as quick as pumping a car full of gasoline, but I would call that time entirely tolerable on a road trip. If you hate cables, Porsche has also equipped the underside of the car with inductive coils so you can charge it just by parking on a special pad, albeit at a much slower rate.

Pors MissE elec

Of course, this is still a Porsche, so performance is king. The car can use its electric motors in fancy ways for torque vectoring to increase performance, and the guys and girls at Stuttgart are claiming a ‘Ring time that comes in under eight minutes.

Take a peek inside and you will see that Porsche traditionally button-filled cabin has been replaced with smooth surfaces and a variety of LCD screens. It even has fancy 3-D technology that uses eye tracking and positional data to make sure that the fancy 3-D screens are always lined up so can see them. Basically the cabin is filled with magic and electronic voodoo.

Pors MissE int2

We obviously don’t have much more detail at the moment than what Porsche sent out in the press release, expect to hear a lot more about this wild machine in the next months as interviews and information from the Frankfurt Motor Show and follow up meetings take place.

Here is a quick, short VIDEO from Porsche on the new car: