Getting the idea that we are fast becoming addicts of these track days?  Well….it’s not just us, it our customers as well.  This day is being titled, “SPRING FLING”, and it should be great.  Great weather and temperatures (by May, Thunderhill gets hot), beautiful green hills, and the smooth track (had been repaved late last year, w new berms and some small changes to the corners).

They will have all run groups, from beginner to full race.  We will have several of the BRracing cars there, including a couple new customer project cars w some killer features.  The BRR 135i will have the new AST/Vorshlag 5300 series struts, shocks, and camber plates, along w the remote resv.  We may also have the E90/E92 M3 suspension pieces installed, and will also be trying some new tire setups on the front….we believe this will solve the understeer issues we have struggled with…and there will be some engine changes as well, but we will chat more on that later.

Sign up now…don’t wait till the last minute.   Here is the link for registration.  Let them know you are with the BRracing crowd.