BRracing has chronicled the many ways we have tried out various suspension solutions in trying to find the right combination of improve handling, yet still provide a great street ride.  Is it possible to get both in one package?  Is it also possible to get a suspension solution that you can change and upgrade when your needs change?  Almost anything is possible, but sometimes the price point is not reasonable either.

We now think the combination of these things has been achieved, with the new AST 5000 series of struts and shocks.  They have taken all the traditional smart design elements from the racing industry, and all the learnings from both the autocross arena and the track.  They have not sacrificed or compromised design elements to provide a higher return or profit margin.

The AST 5000 series is the first full line (single, double, or triple adjustable) that you can upgrade from one level to the next.  Want to start with a single adjustable, and later move to a double adjustable.  You can.  This is not possible w the other major shock suppliers (Koni, Bilstein, KW, Tein, TCKline kits (who obviously are using other mfg shocks), GC kits (same), Moton, JRZ, and the others.  In addition, they have added the capability to add remote resv functionality to the shocks if you want it.  This also is not possible w any other supplier.

In addition, look at the shock shaft of the new shocks…it’s massive.  This addresses the real friction and strength points that a high end and racing shocks requires.  Now available in a solution that can be fitted to the average street car.  No special mounting points, no other trade-offs.

Add to this  the added benefit of being able to be combined w the best camber plates, and you have a complete solution… a price way below that of any other solution that offers all these benefits.

BRracing is the FIRST dealer to have this new solution, and it’s going on our BMW 135i project car.  We have been working to continuously improve the total package we have w the 135i, and we are implementing this triple adjustable, remote resv, Vorschlag camber plate design to bring us the ultimate suspension, and that we can also use as a daily driver.

This solution is not limited to BMW’s….we have sets on order already for MINI and Audi, and more will follow.  So, check out the pics and the amazing technology and features, and give us a call.

Look at the size of the shock shaft…

Look at how the remote resv is also run off the top of the shock, rather than the bottom.  We love our Moton’s that we have on our other project cars, but we have experienced directly the issues w remote resv attachments that come off the bottom of the shock.  This, and they can also do “picky back” solutions, solves that problem, and makes the installation much more straight forward.

We will chronicle the installation of our car in the next week, and have a set of track days scheduled with Hooked On Driving in late March to put this to the real test…..check back here….

BRracing and AST/Vorschlag, leading the pack.