What’s with my Battery?

Lately we have seen a significant rise in car battery issues from our customers.? Most of this is due to the age of cars that our customers have….which is about 4 – 6 years old.? Its right at that age when batteries tend to die, but we are surprised when we talk about this with our customers and they are not aware of this basic element (the battery) in their car.? In addition, with the newer European cars, the care and feeding of the battery, the continuous draw on the battery, and the procedures to follow when replacing a battery are not understood at all.

The car battery is probably the biggest cause of starting problems for any car. Regular maintenance can help to make sure that it is running properly and has less chance to leave you stranded. However, on those occasions when your car will not start or has broken down, there are things you should check to confirm or eliminate the possibility that the car battery is the problem.? Lets start with some tips when checking a car battery to see if it is good or bad.

Check the battery cable connections. Often, over time, the points of the car battery that are connected to the leads become corroded or get a a