There is a lot more to the design of a camber plate than just throwing some pieces of machined metal together to hold the spring and bolt to the chassis.  And we know from first hand experience of this relative to the MINI R53.  We had tried, and some of our customers have tried adjustable camber plates, only to find that the plates either didn’t deliver what they promised, or the “mono-ball” elements were undersized, and the plates shortly started to rattle and knock.  How would you know?  You wouldn’t want to invest a good sum of money in what looks like a true solution, only to find that it doesn’t really accomplish the goals…not enough adjustment, and it starts to fall apart.  These other solutions weren’t from no name vendors, many were from well known vendors…its just that they didn’t really do any real engineering design, they just assumed that the parts would work.

If you talk to anyone who does camber plate design, there is a major shortcoming that has to be overcome. The way most choose to use the mono-ball for the shaft pivot point is contrary to the way a mono-ball was designed to carry load.  It’s not designed to carry vertical load, it’s meant to have horizontal load.  Therefore, when putting a camber plate together, you need to compensate for this design in the parts that are used.  There are thousands of mono-ball options, both in terms of size, clearances, and quality.  We believe we have found a supplier that knows how to do them right…provide the adjustment you want, the right machining of the parts, the fitmentwith the quality to last.

And, to meet that market need, Vorschlag has come out with a adjustable camber plate for the MINI R53.  We have used Vorschlag camber plates, and camber plate elements on our street Moton race suspension for our BRR E46 M3, we have used Vorschlag parts on our current E30 B52 track car that is nearing completion, and we have used their parts on our race car.  I think when you take a look at the pics as well, you can see the design, the fitment, the capacities, and the quality of these products.  

If you don’t have camber plates…even if you don’t think you need camber plates…you might want to think again.  If you drive your MINI the way most do, given the great handling the car produces, we have seen many customers come in with their front shock towers starting to mushroom.  Adding camber plates to your suspension can solve that problem, by providing the extra reinforcement and spreading the load from the transfer of energy from the front strut to the shock tower.

BRracing is a full Vorschlag dealer, so, talk to us for the best solution, and the best pricing.