BRR Audi RS Q5

Often projects are not some elarborate, extensive do everything under the sun scope and plan, but more of a simple, “lets just address the details” and personalize the car.  As the manufacturers are also getting more into the specialized line extension of their cars, there is less of a scope to be implemented as well.  You can see this w the likes of BMW and Audi, as BMW has implemented the base line, the sport line, sport line w options, and the M versions.  This even applies to their SAV / SUV line of cars.  Audi has done some of this, but not to the same extent, so we saw a window of opportunity w our Audi Q5 (3.0L version).

Most of our projects in the past have been w the sport cars…but with more and more customers choosing to purchase a SAV or SUV, we saw a “win-win” opportunity.  Taking the lead from what BMW has done w their “M” line, and also being consistent w what Audi has done w their RS line, we developed a plan of attack to develop an Audi RS Q5 model.  The normal pieces come into play…suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, engine, tuning, exhaust, interior, exterior upgrades.


Everyone likes the road clearance that most SAV / SUVs have, but for a normal daily driver, we don’t need 2′ of clearance. Additionally, for our daily driver, the car had a little too much roll.  So, an easy adjustment was w the springs.  Out w the stock, in w aftermarket sport springs.  They drop the ride height, increase the spring rate, and reduce the body roll.  Ride is not harsh, but it is much firmer than before and not “cushy”.


Being consistent w the Audi RS line approach, we upgraded the brakes from the stock brakes to the Audi RS5 brakes.  Audi features an odd, scalloped cross drilled rotor, two-piece design….and we have seen issues on our customers Audi RS5 street cars, so we jumped at the chance to try the ECS Tuning full 2-piece rotors, and they have them in a matching set for front and rear.  One of the things we have seen recently, is the use of color to add distinctive enhancements to the car. The brakes are the perfect palatte to start that implementation w this car.  Our car was the traditional soft grey….so, adding some color would be the perfect thing to do.  We liked the recent Porsche 918 hybrid color option for their brakes, and choose to match that w this implementation.

Once we painted the RS5 calipers, we installed them w the original OEM two-piece scalloped rotors.

However, as noted, we have seen heat retention issues w the stock rotors, and we wanted to have a matched look front and rear, so we opted for a set of 2-piece slotted / drilled rotors from ECS Tuning.


If we were going to have new brakes, we wanted to showcase them and open up the spokes so that the amazing, hybrid green RS brakes could be seen.  Additionally, we wanted a wider tire, bigger diameter wheel, to go w the RS theme implementation, and to give us the grip to flog this car when we wanted to.  We choose a set of ABT wheels (the same company that builds the racing Audi R18 and Audi R8 GT3 for Audi, and that has a full line of aftermarket parts for Audi cars).  To provide the grip, we went w our tried and true Continental DWS (since this is a four wheel drive SUV, we stayed w the all season approach).  Love how the newly painted rear brake caliper “POPS” as seen thru the new wheel.

Rear wheel and tire, but before the installation of the new ECS Tuning 2-piece rear brake rotor.


There were areas that we wanted to add to, and some we wanted to play down.  To stay w the RS theme, we took and implemented the std Audi RS front grill (since this is going to be an Audi RS Q5)….blacked out, and with the other emblems removed on the front.  The same “black out” approach was used on all the upper trim around the doors, and the roof area.  Too much chrome, not enough style.  We tinted all the windows, including the sunroof panels.

Just like the front, the rear was definitely in some need of change.  The rear of the car is fine, but nothing that elicits an emotional response….it sorts of looks like a HONDA….oh my gosh.  So, we replaced the rear bumper cover and valance w an ABT system.  Much better lines, nice offsets, bigger exhaust openings, and a diffuser / valance that adds some character to the car.

To further complete the look of the rear, we replaced the stock upper roof spoiler w a Carbon Fiber unit…..nice touch.


We weren’t making a race car…but we wanted some performance gain, along w some character for the exhaust.  We wanted one that also would mate well w the new rear bumper cover, and fill the bigger exhaust tip holes.  We selected again the ABT system (quality, looks like OEM, fitment is perfect, alignment is spot on)…and the looks are perfect…and the sound now nicely matches the personality of an RS Q5 car….deeper tone, but not loud at any time, just a nice growl at idle, and it purs when ripping down the road.  Exhaust comes w new, larger attachable tips that perfectly fit the new rear bumper cover exhaust openings.

The completed rear end…including the new logo’s and badges all blacked out as well.  Rear window dark tint, carbon fiber roof spoiler, new rear bumper cover, new diffuser, new exhaust w larger tips.


If we’re going to do all that work to the exterior, we can’ t leave the engine bay alone.  Carrying the new GREEN HYBRID color theme into the engine bay would help tie together all the upgrades.  Painted the stock intake beauty covers gloss black, and then offset it w the new logo’s and main intake manifold all painted the HYBRID Porsche GREEN.  Sweet.


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