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Brake Rotors – Which One?

BRAKE ROTOR OPTIONS - Which One is  Right For You? When customers are adding or upgrading their brake system, we often get asked the question about which brake rotor type [...]

Brake Rotors – Which One?2015-12-26T12:49:18-08:00

BMW / MINI Motor Oil – Major Shift

BMW / MINI Cooper Engine Oil Supplier Change For as many years as I can remember, BMW, and later BMW & MINI, have defined the ONLY engine oil of choice [...]

BMW / MINI Motor Oil – Major Shift2015-01-24T17:11:30-08:00

MINI Cooper S R53 Engine Mount

This is a view by BRR on the engine mount used in MINI Cooper S models from 2003 to 2006, including the convertible / cabriolet. The models are - MINI [...]

MINI Cooper S R53 Engine Mount2014-10-04T08:37:58-07:00

MINI Cooper PS Pump – Warranty Extension

MINI Cooper Power Steering Pump - Warranty Extension   Do you own a 02-05 MINI Cooper, or a 02-05 MINI Cooper S, or a 2005 R52 MINI Cooper or Cooper [...]

MINI Cooper PS Pump – Warranty Extension2014-10-04T08:43:09-07:00

MINI Changes Oil Change Interval

MINI Oil Change Interval We have written before about our concern relative to the high mileage interval between oil changes on most BMW and MINIs. Now MINI has apparently seen [...]

MINI Changes Oil Change Interval2014-10-04T08:43:24-07:00

Mini Cooper S R56 – engine woes

SERVICE Alert If you own, or know someone who owns a MINI Cooper S (R56) car, from 2006.5 to 2011, read on with great interest or concern. With the push [...]

Mini Cooper S R56 – engine woes2014-10-04T08:44:29-07:00

Another FTC Alert on Car Warranties

At BRracing, we get questions all the time about whether having work done at an independent shop, or the installation of alternative parts, affects their car warranty.  Here is another [...]

Another FTC Alert on Car Warranties2014-10-04T09:38:24-07:00

How do I read a spark plug?

In racing, you will often find teams pouring over a set of plugs and looking at them with a magnifying glass.  You can see the Nascar guys doing this during [...]

How do I read a spark plug?2014-10-04T09:39:03-07:00
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