BRR GT3 – new flywheel

When BAD things happen to GOOD CARS..... Sometimes there is more to do, and sometimes things happen, which creates more things to do.  We had just such a case.  We're [...]

BRR GT3 – new flywheel2010-12-09T17:17:33-08:00

BRracing Porsche 2010 GT3 project

Introduction of the build of the BRracing 2010 GT3. Not that the 2010 GT3 is a normal daily driver to begin with (it truly is an amazing car, and a [...]

BRracing Porsche 2010 GT3 project2010-05-16T06:40:21-07:00

BMW E82 135i Vorsteiner front splitter / lip

AS we have been building the BMW E82 135i project car, with each step we have taken, the next step in the natural evolution has been exposed.  We continue to [...]

BMW E82 135i Vorsteiner front splitter / lip2010-03-10T23:09:01-08:00
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