DINAN BMW G8x M3 / M4 Exhaust Solution

The G8x M3/M4 is arguably superior in every category to its predecessor but in most, if not all, circles the biggest downfall of the platform is in the sound department. Like the F8x before it with the S55, the S58 in the current generation leaves a lot to be desired from an exhaust performance and sound. While a step in the right direction from its forerunner, the stock vocals still carry far too much rasp that do not fully articulate the refined aggressiveness typical of the brands signature performance models.

DINAN Axle Back Exhaust System

DINAN corrects this weakness with a valved axle back exhaust system that elevates the tone to a deeper, more meaningful note while also delivering an extra level of amplification above and beyond its stock counterpart. Coupled with the optional middle exhaust / x-pipe for the platform an even louder, smoother, and fuller soundtrack is possible.

Features / Benefits:

* Maximum gains of +6 HP and +5 lb-ft of torque
* Enjoyably louder, sportier sound
* Drone abatement technologies used to reduce cabin resonance
* Four, diffuser filling, 4.5inch (114mm) double-walled, polished stainless steel (or coated black ceramic) clamp-on tips with laser engraved Dinan logo
* Larger diameter piping for increased flow (76mm vs. 70mm)
* 6-pounds lighter than the stock axle back (Stock: 44-pounds vs. Dinan: 38-pounds)
* Stock exhaust valve actuators reused, and operation of exhaust valve is unchanged so exhaust tone can be adjusted via the M-drive settings
* Computer controlled exhaust valves are retained and limit noise during low-speed driving and open fully during high-load conditions
* 100% 304 Stainless Steel construction
* Factory-like fitment with included mounting hardware

Through extensive development and testing nearly every possible permutation of the exhaust was attempted. Unlike the previous generation where cabin sound/drone was largely unchanged between the sedan and the coupe, that was not the case with the G8x chassis’. This caused countless iterations to be attempted in the quest for a common system that not only sounded superb externally but one that also didn’t introduce an overbearing internal cabin drone on either body type. The result is a system DINAN is confident will be coveted by all for years to come. To achieve desired sound volume and tone worthy of the G8x M3/M4 the tubing was enlarged to 76mm (vs 70mm stock) to allow freer flow, and reduce backpressure, throughout the entirety of the system.

The larger piping gives way to multiple pathways as it nears the rear of the vehicle — the choice of which is utilized determined by the factory exhaust valves which are retained. When valves are closed, flow is directed into the DINAN muffler, where absorption and reactive technologies are used, and exit out the two inner tips. This limits noise during low-speed driving and produces a more subdued, albeit deeper, and agreeable note. However, when the valves are open during high-load conditions the bulk of the gases bypass the muffler altogether for a near straight pipe design and maximum aural enjoyment to be achieved. It’s the perfect marriage for all tastes and allows civility or impassioned aggression depending on what the situation demands. The combination is one DINAN has deemed fitting for the marques signature performance models that cater to the tasteful enthusiast who demand the best for all situations.

Visually, the DINAN G8x M3/M4 exhaust has been skillfully crafted entirely out of T304 stainless steel and TIG welded for the best visual appearance and color. The entire system is then brush finished to further guarantee an immaculate looking system out of the box. The attention to detail is not limited to parts of the system you can’t see once the exhaust is installed but is also extended to the exhaust tips themselves. The Dinan exhaust includes massive, quad 4.5inch (114mm) clamp-on, double-walled, polished stainless steel (or coated black ceramic) and laser engraved exhaust tips. Despite the seemingly cartoonish size on paper, the tips mesh seamlessly and fill the factory cut-outs to complete the OEM+ look with a healthy dose of audible attitude.


* 2021-2023 G80 M3 (& xDrive)
* 2021-2023 G82/G83 M4 (& xDrive)



Looking to elevate the external acoustics of your G8x but want to upgrade in stages and/or not break the bank?

The DINAN Middle Exhaust for the G80 M3 is and G82/G83 M4 introduces a more aggressive tone and an increase in volume over the stock system while retaining the factory muffler at a budget friendly price point. Should the desire for more arise however, it can easily be paired with the matching Dinan axle back exhaust for further aural enhancement and a more aggressive growl. It is a union that boasts a bold, yet sophisticated, exhaust note that neither can fully achieve on their own.

Features and Benefits

* Smoother, louder and sportier sound
* 76mm (3-inch) tubing replaces stock 70mm (2.75-inch) tubing for free flow
* Deletes resonators between the secondary catalysts and rear muffler for increased volume
* Includes X-pipe crossover made from mandrel bent tubing for minimum restriction
* 5-pounds lighter than the stock mid-section (Stock: 22-pounds vs. Dinan: 17-pounds)
* 100% 304 stainless steel construction
* Factory-like fitment with included mounting hardware

This middle exhaust itself removes the hydro-formed factory center section from the secondary catalysts back to the axle back, including both resonators, and replaces it with larger 3-inch T304 stainless steel tubing for freer flowing capabilities. In place of the forward factory resonator, Dinan incorporates a beautifully crafted X-pipe made from mandrel-bent tubing for minimum restriction, unlike stamped X-pipes which are commonplace in the market. This hand-made ‘X’ is not only the focal point of the system in terms of aesthetics but also the star when it comes to the effects on the sound. Promoting even flow to both banks of tips, the ‘X’ removes unwanted nuances in sound caused by uneven exhaust flow that is present in the stock system. Along with the inherent benefit of increased volume by removal of the resonators, the Dinan X-Pipe for the G8x M3/M4 produces a louder, smoother, and fuller exhaust note that will deliver smiles time and time again.