Its real simple….if you track your Porsche, then you need a GUARDS LSD. 

If you just drive your Porsche on the street, then you don’t.  You don’t need an LSD at all. If you drive your Porsche on Autocross events, then a Torque Biasing LSD from Guards would be the right choice.  But, once you make the decision that you want a LSD…then Guards is your only choice.  Don’t go cheap, don’t think about any other, go w what almost all Porsche track fanatics use.  GUARDS.

If you have been to the track, and under hard braking, can feel instabiilty….then you basically have an “open” diff situation (and your diff is worn out, so now acts like an open diff) and you need to upgrade to a GUARDS LSD.  Once you have it installed, life at the track will be completely different.  The LSD does not induce understeer, but helps the stability of the car under hard braking, and helps plant the car under hard corner exit acceleration.

Guards has units for both manual and PDK transmissions, so that doesn’t limit you either.  And if you don’t track your car, then the torque biasing version may be the right choice for you.

Guards offers multiple options…not forcing you into a “one size fits all” mentality.  The normal Guards LSD is a clutch pack based unit.  They upgrade the clutch discs, alter the “ramps”, increase the strength of the parts used.

Here is a pic of the difference between GUARDS parts and stock PORSCHE parts (new Guards parts on left, stock Porsche, soft bronze disc on the right):

PRO – High strength, hardened 4340 Chomoly billet case, w 8620 cover

PRO + – High strength, hardened 100% 8620 billet solution

Club – 1045 billet body (still far stronger than any Porsche or ZF stock casing)

ALL LSDs come w 4 friction discs, but you can order them w 6 or 8 discs if desired.


GT2 Pro              GT2/GT3/G50/996/Turbo/968/Boxster S ’00-’04
GT3 Club            GT2/GT3/G50/996/Turbo/968/Boxster S ’00-’04
GT1 Pro+            GT2/GT3/G50/996/Turbo/968/Boxster S ’00-’04
991 Pro              991 C2 / C2S without PTV (manual or PDK)
997 Pro               997 Carrera 2/Carrera 4
987 Pro               Cayman 5-Spd, Boxster 5-Spd 2005-on
Cayman S Pro    Cayman S/Boxster S 6-Spd 2005-on
Cayman S Club    Cayman S/Boxster S 6-Spd 2005-on
986 Pro              Boxster to late 1999 (G86.00 & 01 w/012)
986 Club            Boxster to late 1999 (G86.00 & 01 w/012)
981 Club            Boxster / Cayman with, or without factory LSD (manual and PDK)
930 Pro             930/915 late (fine spline)
915 Pro             915 (mid 1975-1977 coarse spline)
914 Pro            914/901 late (mag case) /915 early (1972-1974)
951 Pro            951/944 (oil pump drive gear available separately)
904 Pro            904/901 Early (aluminum case)

We’ve installed many of them, from normal street Porsche’s, to our full race cars.  They last, they don’t break, they work great, there is no down-side, and they are designed to specifically meet your needs.

Call us today to inquire about a fitment for your Porsche.

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