If you are thinking of replacing your brakes, then don’t think about using replacement OEM parts, get one of the StopTech Sport Brake Kits…..better rotors (cooler, last longer), better pads (less dust, better performance) and stainless steel brake lines.  Plus, the total kit is LESS than OEM replacement parts.  This is truly a WIN-WIN situation, even at the normal price, but with the kits now on SALE, you need to move on this.

Here are the details on all the parts included in the kit (every kit includes rotors, pads, and ss brake lines).  You can get a FRONT only kit, REAR only kit, or a FRONT and REAR KIT.  You can also select from slotted rotors, drilled rotors, or even drilled & slotted rotors.  The right choice and the right option for your car.


StopTech® Sport Kits represent the most in performance value by providing significant brake performance improvements using direct-replacement (OEM) sized components.

StopTech® Sport Kits® are the easiest way for the enthusiast to upgrade their existing rotors, lines and pads for improved braking performance while retaining the existing factory calipers and wheel fitment.

Available for 4-wheel, front axle or rear axle, the Sport Kits® simplify the upgrade process by providing complete, pre-matched systems, without the hassle of mixing and matching individual components.

StopTech® Sport Rotors

StopTech® Sport Rotors are slotted, drilled or drilled + slotted direct replacement discs for your factory brake system and stock calipers. They offerimproved cooling as well as other advantages the competition doesn’t offer.

  • Direct replacement for factory brake rotor
  • Unique slotting and/or cross-drilling to aid heat and brake dust dispersal
  • Black e-coating for added protection from corrosion
  • Factory cooling vane design or directional vanes for improved cooling


StopTech® Street Performance and Centric® Fleet Performance Brake Pads

In all StopTech® Sport Kits, StopTech Street Performance or Centric Fleet Performance Brake Pads are included for high performance street driving and light duty track use.

  • Aggressive pad for high performance street driving
  • Para-aramid composites provide linear response regardless of pad temperature
  • 100% positive molded for uniform friction material density
  • Low dust formulation is rotor friendly and leaves wheels cleaner
  • Scorched to raise initial cold effectiveness and ease bed-in
  • 100% Asbestos-free formulas


StopTech® Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits

Braided stainless steel brake lines reduce the brake system’s compliance and improve brake pedal feel and modulation. StopTech’s Stainless Steel Brake Lines are D.O.T. compliant and designed to fit your vehicle.

  • Stainless steel braiding for reduced compliance and extra protection
  • A variety of fittings for hundreds of applications
  • All necessary brackets and fasteners for easy installation
  • Provide quicker pedal response
  • Firmer pedal feel
  • Better brake modulation
  • D.O.T. compliant