If you feel your steering wheel start to have the SHAKES every time your speed goes over 50mph, then you need to get your tires balanced !  It may not seem like much of an issue ….but having wheels out of balance is doing damage to your tires and your suspension. 

There are a couple of reasons that tires need to be balanced….the initial construction of the tire, the way the rubber / kevlar / metal / carbon fiber / rayon is laid up during the manufacturing process creates areas that have different densities and mass.  The way the tires wear…not uniform from one side to another, or even the thickness on one side vs the other.  On European cars, where most have higher levels of camber in the suspension to improve handling, the tires will dramatically change in how they wear over time.  Once your wheel gets to spinning at a certain speed, the tire will be out of balance.  Wheel balancing will often have a harmonic effect, starting to shake at one speed, then as speed increases, it will decrease, and when you reach yet a higher speed, the wheel shake will get worse again.  Therefore, over the age of the tire, the tire will need to be balanced as it changes, not just when they were new and first being mounted.

There are other effects as well….this mass of tire and wheel that is not rotating in a uniform manner….causes wear in the steering tie rod ends, the control arms, the wheel bearing, the control arm bushings, the subframe bushings…..the shakes impact a lot of elements.

That’s why you need to get your tires BALANCED regularly.

BRracing has the best tire mounter (completely “TOUCHLESS”), and balancer (load force balancing equipment / system), to ensure that we can balanced your wheel / tire system, even for our customers who see excessive speed on the track.  We have never had a tire / wheel combo that we can’t balance….even when the wheel had been bent or slightly damaged!

Don’t delay…get your car’s tires and wheels fully balanced today.   Can be done as part of a normal service visit too, or when your car is coming in for an alignment.

BRracing – making your car the best it can be…..