BRracing Motorsports 2014 CHAMPIONS

We have said for many years that we appreciate and are thankful for all our customers, but we have no idea when a customer requests our Motorsports services, what their [...]

BRracing Motorsports 2014 CHAMPIONS2015-01-29T19:12:25-08:00

BRracing – Customer Results – 2014

What our customers achieved in the last couple of years (2011 - 2013) has just been AMAZING. We don't and can't control what customers we have, and we are thrilled [...]

BRracing – Customer Results – 20142014-11-30T20:44:02-08:00

BRR 2014 Track Schedule

BRR 2014 Track Schedule - Current Outlook 2013 was another very busy year for BRracing Motorsports, as our "track customer" base continued to grow, as well as the distance that [...]

BRR 2014 Track Schedule2014-11-10T08:12:21-08:00

Tire Markings – Why All The Fuss?

TIRE MARKINGS If you go to any club race, semi-PRO race, or PRO race, and look at the sidewalls of tires, you will likely see all sorts of markings on [...]

Tire Markings – Why All The Fuss?2014-08-03T18:30:42-07:00

RACER Magazine – Pirelli Cup

Racer Magazine has just released its article on the Pirelli Cup event held at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway on June 28-29, 2014.? Article details the close, tight competition, results (featuring [...]

RACER Magazine – Pirelli Cup2014-07-11T08:05:19-07:00

2013 Champion

2013 Checkered Flag Racing Association GT-1 Champion Daren Passolt, a BRracing Motorsports customer, has won the 2013 Checkered Flag Racing Association (CFRA) GT-1 championship. Not only did he win that, [...]

2013 Champion2014-02-12T15:13:44-08:00

BRracing – Customer Results 2013

What our customers achieved last year (2012) was just AMAZING. We don't and can't control what customers we have, and we are thrilled to have them all. But, at the [...]

BRracing – Customer Results 20132013-12-15T08:14:56-08:00

BRR Video – Buttonwillow laps – GT3

BRR (courtesy of David O's in car camera, and David's editing) 2 lap video of the PCA Time Trial (Porsche Club of America, Golden Gate region) event at Buttonwillow Raceway [...]

BRR Video – Buttonwillow laps – GT32013-06-08T10:21:55-07:00

BRR 2013 Schedule – Current Outlook

2012 was a very busy year for us, as our "track customer" base exploded. And, we thank them greatly for it. We started with just one full race customer in [...]

BRR 2013 Schedule – Current Outlook2013-09-05T21:35:44-07:00

BRR video – POC race, Oct 2012

BRR (courtesy of our awesome photo, sound, and video team member Ryan Holst) has produced a one lap video of the POC (Porsche Owners Club) race at Sonoma October 2012. [...]

BRR video – POC race, Oct 20122013-02-22T09:14:52-08:00

NorCal BMW Meet @ BRracing – March 3, 2013

MEET IS TODAY - 1pm PST, at BRracing Los Gatos shop location...Come on down! BRracing will be hosting the NorCal BMW group on Sunday, March 3, 2013, at our Los [...]

NorCal BMW Meet @ BRracing – March 3, 20132013-03-03T09:15:56-08:00

Daytona 24 Hour Images

DAYTONA 24 Hour 2013 pics - Just added images to our photo library of pics from the 2013 running of the Daytona 24 Hour race. This years field is one [...]

Daytona 24 Hour Images2013-01-26T09:46:28-08:00

2012 Championship SEASON

2012 Championship SEASON - Porsche Owners Club - Jesse Menczer, Porsche 997.2 Cup Car We will repeat this probably more times than any one cares to hear....but many try to [...]

2012 Championship SEASON2012-12-16T22:57:21-08:00
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