F80 M3 and F82 M4 Part II:

Meisterschaft GT Racing and GT2 Performance Package

Many times, when a manufacturer comes out with a new exhaust system for a car, they produce just one version.  It may be right on target, but it may not.  Due to variety of conditions and uses, more than often, it is not.  Well, Meisterschaft aims to change that w the new exhaust they have produced for the new BMW F80 M3 and BMW F82 M4, as they have made just about every option and combination you can imagine.

Their all new GT Racing system for the F8x M3 and M4 is designed to provide the ultimate street performance for your vehicle. Increased from the OE 63mm piping, their GT Racing unit features 76mm inlet piping that continues on into their dual velocity chamber design. Our velocity chambers have been engineered to maximize flow by accelerating the exiting exhaust gases, thus relieving back-pressure and resulting in higher power-output from the twin-turbocharged motor.

The exhaust note produced by the GT Racing is simply wonderful. Featuring a perfectly balanced sound spectrum from the lows to the highs the note of the GT Racing is pronounced, smooth, and aggressive.

Over the years, the M3 has been a widely popular track day car. As such, they kept track enthusiasts in mind while developing this new system. Here is where the GT2 Performance Package comes into play. When you order a Meisterschaft GT2 Package for your M3 or M4 you will receive a complete GT Racing exhaust system as pictured above, and in addition to the GT Racing system, you will receive a Super GT Performance X-Pipe section which serves as bolt-in substitute to the muffler canister on our rear section and is great for track and high performance driving events.

Pictured above: Meisterschaft Super GT Performance X-Pipe for the F8x M3/M4 GT/GT2 Performance Package (Included SR Pipes are not pictured)

Pictured above: Meisterschaft Super GT Performance X-Pipe installed on the GT Racing system. (Included SR Pipes are not pictured)

The Super GT Peformance X-Pipe not only increases high-end power output but also serves as a sprung weight reduction, making it perfect for track day use! This simple bolt-in design allows the two parts to be interchanged in a matter of 10-15 minutes.

As you may imagine, the Super GT Performance X-Pipe does have an impact on the sound. The effect is an exotic, higher pitch, aggressive and furthermore intoxicating sound!

Both their GT Racing and GT2 Performance Package come standard with our 76mm SR Connecting Pipes. These allow for simple cut and slip-on installation. No welding is required.

Pictured above: Meisterschaft 76mm SR Connecting Pipes for the BMW F8x M3/M4 (Included with every unit!)

But, there is MORE – For the diehard enthusiasts, their GT and GT2 Performance package rear muffler systems can also be mated with our optional cat-back LX pipes (two versions, as shown below) and turbo-back Downpipes (without “cats” or “catless”).

Pictured above: Meisterschaft Dual 65mm L.X. Pipes w/ Velocity Box (Optimized for horsepower gain)

Pictured above: Meisterschaft Single 90mm L.X. Pipe w/ Velocity Box (Optimized for torque gain)

You would think that was it…right?  But, NO, there is MORE options.  They have not only produced the full GT Race version, but they have also produced an EVC (exhaust valve controlled) version, as shown below –

Pictured above: 4x102mm Round Split Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) [Incl. SR Pipes] (SUS) for the F80 M3 and F82 M4

The Meisterschaft GTC, featuring 100% manually operated electronic valve control to provide the most convenience to the user. Aggressive when YOU want it, quiet when you dont.

Their electronically controlled valve system on the Meisterschaft GTC gives you the best of both worlds. With the valves in the closed position, the GTC system produces a sound that is comparable to factory, convenient for your daily commute or any other situation where you find yourself needing to ‘quiet down’ your exhaust. Open the valves and the fun begins. In performance (open) mode, the Meisterschaft GTC brings out the sound and performance of a true M car: aggressive, exotic, perfection.

Featuring dual 76mm (3-inch) inlet piping, their Meisterschaft GTC optimizes flow in performance/open mode to bring the most out of the twin turbocharged 6-cylinder. This unit is available with either their 4x90mm or 4x102mm Round Split Meisterchaft signature tips.

Just like on their other systems, you can also get different tip sizes, and different tip color options.  The options just never stop here….you can also get this system in stainless or Ti !

FINALLY, no matter what your taste, desire, or need, their is a exhaust system that is just right for you.  And, they have packaged and made the components to work w one another, so that there is flexibility should you want to change in the future.  Add to that their great manufacturing quality, and you have an outstanding solution.

Pricing is as follows –

Meisterschaft SUS (Stainless) – GT (Racing Performance)(4x90mm tips) = $2498.00

Meisterschaft SUS (Stainless) – GT (Racing Performance)(4x102mm tips) = $2798.00

Meisterschaft SUS (Stainless) – GT PACKAGE (include X-pipe)(4x90mm tips) = $2998.00

Meisterschaft SUS (Stainless) – GT PACKAGE (include X-pipe)(4x102mm tips) = $3298.00

Meisterschaft SUS (Stainless) – GTC (EV Controlled)(4x90mm tips) = $3698.00

Meisterschaft SUS (Stainless) – GTC (EV Controlled)(4x102mm tips) = $3998.00

SR Pipes (76mm Piping) – INCLUDED in both models above

SGT X Pipe Upgrade = $698.00 (sold separately or included w the GT Package)

Full Cat-Back LX Pipes (Dual 65mm Piping) = $1,498.00 (SUS); $2498.00 (Ti)

Full Cat-Back LX Pipes (Single 90mm Piping) = $1,498.00 (SUS); $2498.0 (Ti)

Heat Baked Dry Carbon Fiber Tips = $1098.00

Shadow Black Chrome Tips = $698.00

Glossy / Matte Black Tips = $498.00

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